Nou Se Caribbean • MikaBen

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Featuring: J Perry, Renette, Rutshelle
Produced by: Mikaben

Oh oh
Oh oh

“Rasin nou, kilti nou, pou yon menm vizyon”

[Verse 1]
Jou a rive pou nou montre le mond antye sa nou peze
Nou son w nasyon ki plen fierte gad eritaj zansèt yo te kite
Soufle lanbi, soufle banbou, bwase diri, bon kalalou
Montre yo nou ka viv vre, di nou ka rive touche le mond antye

[Pre Hook]
Antigua – let’s come together as one
Dominica – let’s come together as one
Grenada – let’s come together as one
St-Kitts – let’s come together as one
Bahamas – let’s come together as one
Barbados – let’s come together as one

Oh oh oh – wi nou se Caribbean
Oh oh oh – fòk nou met tèt ansanm
Oh oh oh – nou gon w fyète n ap defann
Oh oh oh – pa gen chita tan

[Verse 2]
Nou gen w vizyon, nou gen kouraj
Nou gen w mision, pote mesaj
Fò n fè inyon, ann rete saj pou nou sa pwojte yon pi bèl imaj
Oh wi nou rich paske n soti nan Afrika
Nou ede anpil lòt peyi nan Amerik la
Pou yo jwenn freedom, wi nou ka viv vre
Kilti n ava prime

[Pre Hook]
Guyana – let’s come together as one
St Lucia – let’s come together as one
Jamaica – let’s come together as one
Suriname – let’s come together as one
Trini – let’s come together as one
Grenadine – let’s come together as one

Oh oh oh – wi nou se Caribbean
Oh oh oh – fòk nou met tèt ansanm
Oh oh oh – nou gen w fyète n ap defann
Oh oh oh – pa gen chita tan

Let me see your hands up
Bouje bouje bouje kòw
Souke souke souke
Everybody let me see your hands up
Souke souke kanpe kale kòw
Bouje bouje Caribbean let me see your hands up
Se pa rete chita gade leve kanpe pou n avanse
Cmon let me see your hands up
Hands up – hands up (2x)
Everybody everybody hands up

Chante – wey
Kriye – wey
Pa tande – Carifesta
Belize – wey
Montserrat - Wey
Haiti – Carifesta

(Oh oh oh oh )
Can you feel it building up, that unity that strength
The sound of freedom, our roots, our culture, our common future
Let’s go
Sing it, cmon

Oh oh oh – wi nou se Caribbean
Oh oh oh – fòk nou met tèt ansanm
Oh oh oh – nou gon w fyète n ap defann
Oh oh oh – pa gen chita tan

  • Mikaben (Michael Benjamin) was born in 1981 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Son of the well-known singer Lionel Benjamin, Mikaben is brought up in a musical environment, and is at a very early age, introduced to the piano, guitar, bass, and later, the drums. At age 15, Mikaben writes his first song, and passionate about music, continues to write music while in college in Canada in 1999. From Montreal, Mikaben enters an annual Christmas song contest organized by "TELEMAX", a Haitian television station, and his song "Nwèl Tristès" (Sad Christmas), in fourth position, wins him the hearts of the Haitian public. in December 2000 Mikaben released the album "Vwayaj" and his song "Ou Pati", doesn't go unnoticed by producer Fabrice Rouzier who includes it in the Haiti Troubatour. The album propelled Mikaben's carreer beyond Haiti and introduces him in the Antilles, Europe and Africa. Mikaben also works as a producer with several artists and bands such as Carimi for who he produces the hit "Fanm sa move", T-Vice with "Fe m vole" and Kreyol La "Y'ap fe foli" amongst others.
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