Dominan • Steves J. Bryan


Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2020

Dominan• (lyric)

Lè’w pap fè kòb lè yap relew yo diw hey
Kou lajan nan men’w yo diw « Mr »

And this is Steves J Bryan

M’wè nèg yo gen foli gang
Franchman m’trouve sa tris
Si yo tap bay nou chak jw’on ròl
Yo tap baw bouki mwen m’tap malis
Se nòmal si wap chache ou pa jwenn
Ou pòv nan lespri’w ou pap ka rich
E Highmind toujou gen menm vizaj yo
Nou pap ka switch nou pa Kanis

Fuck it

Nou pa konnen m’se wa trap (yup)
Depi’m lage fò li hot (yup)
Sim pa boule baf m’boule kas (yup)
Eske nou ta renmen’m stop (nop)

Se pa menm nivo a my negga
Lè yo wè’m yo wè pi gwo a my negga
M’gentan cross ou fek tonbe
Paskem kontrole pivo a my negga

M a la recherche d’un coeur
Men sa pa vle di ke mpa gen nanm
Manzè nek fek fin banm on boeuf
Mfel al jwenn mennaj li poul al pran lang
Mbezwen lajan mpoze sou lanmou
Se sa ki pran tèt mwen tankou chanpou
E sak te konn ap banm fil mòl pou’m ka fè lapatèt
Mwen m’chire men yo m’son grandou
E mpa give a damn pou sak pa renmenm
Nap peye’m nap respekte’m
Tout nèg nan clan’m vle milyonè
Nou focus pa gad ale’n
Depi anvan mte jwenn miwa
Mte gentan konn tet mwen deja
Mpa bezwen tann yo banm kouwòn
Paskem deja konnen m son wa ~~~~~~~~~~
San zo m’lage youn (tchoup)
Pase’l on bò tou fourel (tchoup)
San zo m’lage youn (tchoup)
Pase’l on bò tou fourel (tchoup)

Se pa menm nivo a my negga
Lè yo wè’m yo wè pi gwo a my negga
Pandanw anba mwen menm m’anlè
Map siyen kontra nan biwo a my negga

M’telman bwase bwase bwase
Beaucoup de choses ont changé
Qui aurait pu s’imaginer que ex mwen an ta sou flanble
Je fais l’bilan calmement
Je savoure chaque instant
Fanm ki te konn ap banm dan di
Plonje sou mwen vin banm bon jan

Pa konparem negga
Menm sim te marasa ou met kwem mpa tap janm gen parey
Flo sa son mato, yon bonm, yon bouldozè lap kraze tout aparey
An pasan cheri sak sou ou a ou met wetel
Lè map konte kob fo’w toutouni
Fon ti kenbe sa edem konte
Apre pou’w banm plezi
Bitch im a boss
Pa bezwen flex poum ka montrew mgen fòs
Yes im the shit m royal sanm pa flòch
E mpa bezwen pòch mwen lou m’gon grenn kat ki swipe tout kote
M’telman santi bon ou vin santim chè
Ou konnen 1+7 li ye
Im all about cash
What I want racks
I leveled up fast
So mpap ka last
Mpa nan tann just ban mwl anvan
Game sa pam e l’konnen m’angran
E mpa kwè wanvi pozem kesyon
Paskem ka fè moun pozew kesyon
E lè’w pral babye pouw ka reponn
E Lè sa wap wè w an afè a on lion

San zo m’lage youn (tchoup)
Pase’l on bò tou fourel (tchoup)
San zo m’lage youn (tchoup)
Pase’l on bò tou fourel (tchoup)

Se pa menm nivo a my negga
Lè yo wè’m yo wè pi gwo a my negga
Pandanw anba mwen menm m’anlè
Map siyen kontra nan biwo a my negga

Yo ou la ankò
Wap fè kòb

HighMind Baby!!!

  • Steves Bryan Joseph also known as Steves J. Bryan started rapping since he was kid, later on became a journalist at the age of 18 and hosted a TV show in Haiti called kom si wow in which he received many international artist and the former president of Haiti. In December 2012 he released a popular mixtape in Haiti called on blast. Steves is quadrilingual. And is now working on new mixtapes and album for fans. Very versatile his genres are Rap/HipHop but he mixed it with some soft rock techno neo-psychedelia and more. Interesting dude with a fun spirit, his music are very uplifting and makes you wanna jump all day. Steves J. Bryan is used to stage performance and delivers nothing but amazingness for you to remember. He performed in front of 10k at the Haitian Compas Festival also at Barry Universities fashion show and many more. Asides from having his own tv show he also studies leadership and marketing and is a great motivational speaker.
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