Pa Kite W Ale • T-Vice

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Genre: Konpa
Year: 2023
Featuring: Charlin Bato, Gio-K
Produced by: Reynaldo Martino

  • Being sons of the legendary Robert Martino, Roberto and Reynaldo over 15 years ago embarked on a musical journey that has been a roller-coaster ever since! T-Vice is a Haitian Kompa musical band that formed in 1992. The group was formed by brothers Roberto Martino and Reynaldo Martino. Longtime friends James Cardozo and Gerald Kebreau were soon added making the quartet. In 2005 the band reinvented itself by adding Olivier Duret, Eddy Viau, Rivenson Louissaint and their newly added congas player Ricot Amazan. They are 8 now rocking the concert and bal stages all over the world! T-Vice is known for their catchy lyrics and energetic vibe, as well as the modern party scene they bring into the genre of Kompa.