Top 16 of 2016


2016 was an epic year for the HMI. We mourned over a few break ups and celebrated new beginnings. Throughout these ups and downs great music came flowing through our speakers faster than we could consume. Our playlist this year was extremely rich and diverse with hits from the former President to new comers in the game. You can imagine assembling a list of best songs of the year would be difficult. We decided to take the easy route and avoid subjectivity by providing you with the 16 most popular songs from 2016 on Wikimizik. Check back every hour. Enjoy and on to 2017!

16. On S'Prend Pas La Tête - Olivier Martelly
Olivier reminded us to just chill. Don't let the daily woes get you down. This track came out in April and BigO had a lot people singing and rocking #OSPPLT.

"Sa ki fache y ap pale m mal nou pap dekouraje
Nap travay pou n fè tout moun danse"

15. Moving On - T-Vice
Roberto told his story in this heartfelt track. It wasn't easy but it had to be done. Roberto opened up about his daughter and how life post-divorce has affected him.

"Mizik fèt sou do m
Lasosyete te mèt ri
Men yo pa konprann kijan sa detwi yon fanmi"

14. Wherever I Go - Michael Brun
Talk about putting Haiti on the map. Michael Brun had everyone waving the red and blue. This track that featured J. Perry and BelO instantly became more than a hit but a source of inspiration for many Haitian.

"Wherever I go - Anye o "

13. Incroyable - Harmonik
Harmonik came out with banging album in 2016. With so many hits to choose from, Incroyable has definitely made its mark since its release. This track is sure to continue a steady climb to the top of the charts in 2017.

"Incroyable se sèl mo mwen jwenn pou m ka dekri w
Incomparable, cette vérité est bonne à di w "

12. Malade - Kaï
After an unexpected breakdown of one of the hottest groups in the game, Carimi fans were distraught. It wasn't long for Richard to make a grand return with his new group Kai because he too was lost and sick without music.

"E m ap toujou malad
Mwen pap janm geri
Menm si ou renmen mwen, mwen konnen w renmen l tou"

11. Heartbreak & Misery - Disip
Written and produced Dener Seide, Gazman sings of a man who's way passed being obsessed. This track is one of the many hits from Klere Yo.

"Mwen jalou pou lapli
Lè m wè l tonbe sou po w li nwi m
Pase l rive kot menm pa janm rive
O wi mwen jalou pou lapli "

10. Peche - Djakout #1
Djakout #1 officially introduced Polo to the public with this single. Polo sings about a man who's acknowledged his indiscretions and ready to make amends.

"Eske gen moun ki pa janm peche
Eske gen moun ki pa janm triche
Si Bondye montre w padone Pou ki ou pa kite sa pase"

9. Aba Blabla - J. Perry Feat BIC
"Zafè m pa zafè w - oh oh
Pa bezwen frape, ou pap antre - oh oh
Lavi m pa lavi w, ou pap konprann mwen tande
So pa pèdi tan w kritike m
Aba blabla, blabla "

8. Nèg Sentiwon An - Kowkow
Kowkow met on sentiwon nan tèt li e li fè mizik la ret nan tèt tout moun. Aprè trak sa soti plizyè moun sou social media met foto pa yo deyò a sentiwon nan tèt yo. Mizik sa pa ta ka pa numewo 8 nan lis sa.

"Di misye met on sentiwon nan tèt Li
Style Mwen an twò inik
Ou pap ka konprann Li
Se pa lekòl Mwen tale pou m apran Li"

7. Until When - Nu-Look
Men li papa w a degaje w. This song has consistently been on the top 10 trending songs on The beautiful visuals from Lux Media only propelled it to new heights.

6. Lajan Sere - Klass
"Ou tankou yon lajan k sere ke m te m fin bliye
Sanzatann m al twouve"

Frankly we feel this same way about this track. It was one of the new found treasures from the day it was released. This tracked continues to own the top 10 Trending tracks on till this day.

5. I'm Doing Fine - J-Beatz
What can we say about this track. Let's just say J-Beatz owned the summer with his multiple easy to remember hooks. Popular comedian, Frere Renel, made even more popular with his humorous clip "No, you're not doing fine". It's only right that this track is #5 on the list.

4. Rien Que Toi - Nu-Look
One can always expect a couple hits from an Arly album but the lyrics of this track buries itself into your brain from first listen. The fans have embraced this song from day one. I mean c'mon, this is one of the few times Arly is not whining. Team plenyen no more!

3. Cheri Benyen M - Harmonik
No need to justify this track being #3, just go listen to it.
"Cherie benyen m benyen m
Vide dlo sou mwen
Benyen m benyen m "

2. M'ap Marye - Klass
Klass' second album was one if not the most anticipated album of the year. After a successful grand entrance in the HMI, many didn't think they would be able to do it again. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that they did it again and they did it with Klass.

"M ap marye, oh m ap marye avè l "

1. Kite Yo Pale - Sweet Micky
Why wouldn't this be number one? When this song dropped, we witnessed activity that we've never seen before on After all this was the President El Michele Martelly.

"Se chak jou n ap travay fè bon bagay
Yo menm y ape pale, pale, pale"

Hope you enjoyed going through this list as much as we did assembling it. Don't forget to share with your friends. Happy New Years to you and your family!


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