Songwriter's Corner: Kelly Krow


Singer, rapper, songwriter, comedian, social media content creator, Kelly Krow wears so many hats that it's almost certain that you've come across his work either on a music or a social media platform. Within the past year, Kelly Krow has solidified his position in the HMI with hits like PAM, Say What. He has recently released his latest single Ha Ha Ha. We are pleased to do this new Q&A interview with Kelly Krow. He tells us how he got started in the music business, he describes the uniqueness of his sound, and talks about his creative process.

How did you get started making music and when did you start taking your music career seriously? Tell us about your journey.
Growing up with my mom listening to old school haitian music was my foundation. We listened to kompa every single day. I was raised through music. But my journey officially started when my mom gave me my first own tape recorder. I started playing with it and then creating "flows", and exploring melodies. I was only 8 years old at the time. At the age of 16, I begin my musical career as a rapper, I was known as "Young Krow" [please don't google it, Imao!].

I also had a comedy group « The official Foodgang » [this, you can google], we were doing covers of popular songs mostly about haitian food, exactly like I do now as Kelly Krow.

And then in 2016, I changed my artist name to Kelly Krow. I recorded my first "singing" Kompa song « Fè de mwen sa ou vlé » and I never stopped putting music out ever since.

You've worked with several producers in the past. How do you know a beat is the right one?
Something have to popped in mind the first 10 second playing the beat, if not, the beat is not for me.

On your last track you worked with Encore, talk to us about this collaboration?
We don't know each other personally. Over the years I've followed and connect with a bunch of dope producers as Encore via social medias.

You bring a different vibe to the industry. How would you label your sound?
It's a mix of everything that I love. Afro beats, kompa, zouk, pop and r&b. I think I created a new genre of Haitian music and I would call it "Haitian new wave Afro pop" (lmao).

The concepts of your songs are usually very creative, out of your list of songs, what idea/concept came to you at the weirdest time. How did it come about?
My ideas come to me at the randomiest moment, but it's always when I'm listening music. The weirdest concept would to be « Deye » and you don't want to know why.

You've created a lot of humorous voiceover clips on Instagram. How do those ideas come about?
Lol! I have no idea. I'm just weird like that... It literally pop out from no where.

What's it like performing your songs live?
It's the best feeling! Seeing people singing my songs live, no words can describe it. I'm the kind of artist who make music for his fans and only for them, so when I get the chance to meet and connect with them through my music, it's one of my greatest joy. Can't wait to have the opportunity to do it more often.

You collaborated with Steves J. Bryan on Ay, how did that collaboration come about?
I did a cover remix of Drake's song « Look alive » called « Fritay », I released a preview with this caption : « Tag a Haitian artist that would killed this remix with me » and Steves J Bryan was tagged about 100 times on the comments section. So I contacted him and we ended up doing this fire collab.

You just put out Haha, tell us how the concept came about? And why did you make the decision to sing it in French?
« Ha ha ha » is literally my personal experience with friendship and what I would say to some very specific people whom I used to call "friends" but never had the chance to tell them. I did it in french, because it's my first language and I wanted « Ha ha ha » to be the most authentic possible.

Comme tout le monde
Oui je cherche qui j'suis
Où trouver, surment pas ici
De toute façon y'a rien ici

The song is rather melancholic yet the title is Haha. How did you come up with the title?
If I could describe "Ha Ha Ha" in one sentence, it would be : « Ha ha ha, look at me now, I'm doing great and you tought I wouldn't and couldn't make it Ban lanmed vouzan! »

What else should we expect from Kelly Krow this year?
A LOT of new music and music videos, you guys will see me more! And hopefully I would love to go on tour, I'm working on that.

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