Underground Spotlight: VOGGE


You may not know them yet, but VOGGE is in vogue. Ocho and Ostinato spoke to us about the duo's distinct sound and global aspirations. Get to know them and get ready to shoki on the dance floor.

1. Introduce us to VOGGE. How did the collaboration come about?
OCHO: The Collaboration came around in 2014. We knew each other from various sporting events around town, but it wasn't until 2014 that we put our talents together and started the group VOGGE.

OSTINATO: As most people know VOGGE, is a duo composed of Steph Ocho and I. We are managed by Evens Caz aka Shakaitutu and have representatives all over the world. Marly Edouard is our rep manager in Haiti and she is doing a phenomenal job. In short, that's how it came about.

2. What were some of the artists that you grew up listening to?
OSTINATO: We grew up listening to a variety of artists such as Michael Jackson, ORS, Tabou Combo, DMX, Tupac , Biggie , James Brown, King Posse just to name a few but the list goes on and on.

3. VOGGE brings a different vibe to the industry. How would you describe your sound, and how did you create it?
OCHO: I really like this question, the thing about VOGGE is that you never know what our next track will sound like, which I believe sets us apart from many.

OSTINATO: And the fact that we produce and write our own music helps us create a unique vibe, a unique sound which you can only find with VOGGE.

4. How receptive is Haitian public to new sounds they aren't used to?
OSTINATO: So far, the public has been very receptive. At the end of the day it's music, when it's good it crosses all barriers.

5. You rap in Kreyol, French and English. Who are you targeting?
OCHO: We rap and sing in different languages specifically to target the world. Most people speak these three languages which you mentioned anyways, so it makes perfect sense in our opinion to make music in these languages to target the world.

OSTINATO: We want our music to reach and identify with everyone around the world.

6. How has the public received the group in the live circuit? Where has the response been the most positive?
OSTINATO: So far so good, our live performances are like no other and we're getting better with time. We plan to implement certain things in our live shows in the near future which will set the bar to a whole other level. That's our goal. We want to give our best to our fans and give our best to the people that pay to come to our shows. We want them to leave with an experience, a feel, a vibe which only VOGGE can deliver.

7. For those of us who have not been to a VOGGE live performance, describe your performance to us.
OCHO: It's hard to define, it's something one has to experience for themselves. To sum it all up, a VOGGE performance is very energetic, a rollercoaster. Each show is unique. You just never know what to expect. Actually, we have a tour in Haiti coming up in August from the 11th-27th presented by Sygnovens production. We'll see you there!

8. How has the reaction been so far for the single "No Love"?
OCHO: Oh man! "No Love" has been a hit. Everyone loves the song and the dance "Shoki". So far it's been enjoyed by everyone who listens to it.

9. "Shoki to the bank though" - how did that line come about?
OSTINATO: "Shoki" is the dance we were doing in the song which is well known in Africa in the Afrobeat industry. The song's theme is that we're not looking for no love and that we're busy doing us and making moves so we'll be dancing all the way to the bank.

10. What should we expect from VOGGE this year?
OSTINATO: You can expect a lot from VOGGE. We've been working hard and you can expect more hits and videos at a consistent pace.

OCHO: On behalf of the whole team we want to thank you Wikimizik for your initiative and for this interview. We appreciate it. Thank you!



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