14 Songs We Loved in 2014


There was a lot of new music to take in this year. A lot. Alan Cavé's much-awaited double album. BélO's latest classic. T-Micky's sophomore release. Debuts from 5 Etwal, X-Tassy and Koneskyon. And many more albums and singles.

We could share 300 songs we loved this year, but for time and sanity's sake we're sticking to 14. So here they are, in alphabetical order -- hope you enjoy them like we did.

Alan Cave - L'Or de ton Corps
A gentle beat rocks you through Alan's stormy quest for his golden girl. Negus Johwell joins him midway with a gem of a verse.

BélO - Detripay
This sombering reality check leaves us gutted about Haiti's misfortunes. But Jean Winer Pascal's lyrics highlight the innate poetry in our language and culture, and that brings us hope.

BélO - Pa Lage Sa
Like the rippling guitar at the top of the track, the goosebumps creep up as Mandela and BélO nudge us toward our full potential. It's self-help in song form.

BIC - Genyen Wi La a
Lay an ethnological treatise over a beat and you get this masterpiece. With every bar, BIC peels back a layer of our societal fabric to expose the range in our mores and values.

Djakout # 1 - Libre d'Aimer
Before he made a splash with Djakout #1, Steeve Khe was an overlooked and underappreciated. Just like the fed-up boyfriend in the song.

Frap La- Kite m Ba Ou Love
Clever punch lines, self-deprecation, a killer groove -- they're all in this bubbling put-down of gold diggers.

Freedom - L'Union
This serves as both prayer and trumpet call. Freedom's voice glides over celestial strings as war drums ignite our inner revolutionary. Forward we march against division.

J. Perry - Anyway
The hook master blesses us with another catchy chorus. And just like his love for his muse, it'll be fresh way past its expiration date.

Koneksyon - San Ou
Montreal-based rookies channel the unbearable sadness and regret of losing someone dear into an admonition to appreciate the beautiful souls around us before they're gone.

Kreyol La - Triye
Delicious, vintage Konpa Kreyol grooves complement Ti Jo's bitter truths about modern-day relationships. We're glad he and David realize they're each other's perfect match.

Phyllisia Ross - Konsa
Phyllisia purrs over a syrupy beat and it's hard not to imagine being the object of her affection. No wonder Konsa constantly tops our trending list.

T-Micky - N'Oublie Pas
After trickling down the piano scale, Sandro coaxes us in with an earnest vow. By the time the reggaeton-tinged beat drops, our heads are bobbing and we're hoping he convinces his boo.

Tony Mix- Epa Kounya
We've witnessed Tony Mix transform from DJ to artist to brand. And his brand of brash, uninhibited fun -- "òrrr" -- is all over this track. Sure, its allure will eventually fade -- but #EpaKounya!

X-Tassy - M'anvi Bliye w
Even if you're not quite ready to move on, this post break-up plea has a synth solo that gets hips moving like a hula hoop.

Think we're way off? Leave a comment and share some of your favorites with us.


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