Yon Lèt Pou Ton Nwèl • BIC

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2012
Lyrics by: Roosevelt "BIC" Saillant

Pòtoprens, Ayiti, 25 desanm 2012
Ton Nwèl m’konnen ke w ka pa gen tan pou reponn mwen lèt sa a
Menm m’ta renmen ou li l

[Verse 1]
Ton Nwèl m’konnen w prese ou pap ka banm twòp detay
Men gen kesyon m’anvi poze,
Si w trouve yo deplase, eskize se lizay, si w pa reponn tou m’ap poze
Depi m piti m’tande w’ap bay kado, men se paran m ki debouse
Eske gen ONG w’ap bay mato, m’ta byen renmen f’on ti souse
On bann djanni, zam dlo, peta, pope, biznis gran nèg k’ape mache
M’vin pale nan non tout ti malere ki pa konprann sa w’ap regle

Nwèl, ki nasyonalite w?
Nwèl, kiyès ki anboche w?
Nwèl, ou di ou pote kado men se pòch parann yo k pot fado a wi
Nwèl, bò isit plen revandè eske se ou k founisè

Pòtoprens, Ayiti, 25 desanm 2012

[Verse 2]
Ou g’on treno ki pa gen kawoutchou, se sou lanèj li ka glise
An pasan, moun ki kote ou ye tou, an nou fè konesans souple
Ou met lajwa nan kè mèt magazen, paran klas mwayèn yo strese
Chak mwa Desanm malere pran nan zen, se konsa sa toujou pase

Nwèl, pale avè m klè
Nwèl, ki misyon w sou latè?
Nwèl, eske jan yo di a ou gen yon “lien de parenté” ak Mesi a?
Nwèl, paran yo bouke kouvri pou ou
Y’achte kado bay timoun yo nan non ou

[Spoken word]
M’ap fini lèt la men moun pa janm twò gran pou ba w konsèy
Ton Nwèl, si w la, si w egziste, si w’ap li lèt la,
Pa pote kado ki fè biznisman ap koupe pòch nou
Pote kado ki pa gen pri tankou on souri, on vè dlo
On kout ri, on bat do, on lanmen, on sipò, on bourad, on jèfò
Lè sa a, se pa tchotcho ki pral mennen fèt la,
Men se nan lespri ke ti Jezi te fèt la
P.S., nan lèt sa a, m’pa gen okenn entansyon derespekte w

Nwèl, lòt kote yo rele w papa
Nwèl, bò isit nou rele w Tonton Nwèl
Sa k’ap pase la a?
Ou sa oubyen w pa sa?

Nwèl, malere fè ane ap panse (Nwèl)
Pou l jwenn lajan pou l ka depanse pou Nwèl
Ou wè sa gen sans?
Nwèl (3x)

  • BIC marries rap and folk to deliver poignant critiques and observations of the Haitian society. In 2000, he launched his musical career as a member of the rap group Flex. Then he formed the duo BIC (Brain. Intelligence. Creativity.) and adopted the acronym as his stage name. In 2010, he went solo and started his record label, Tizon Dife Records. Since 2006, BIC has served as Goodwill Ambassador for several organizations, including the Haitian Basketball Federation and SPEDH (Support Social pour les Enfants Démunis d'Haiti. Since 2012, he has served as Ambassadeur de la Francophonie alongside BélO and Jean-Jean Roosvelt. In 2014, BIC won Institut Français's VISA pour la Creation residency and spent three months at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris completing his dual language album, Recto-Verso. His sixth album, Vokabi-Lari, was released in May 2016.
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