Genyen Wi La • BIC

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Album: Recto Vèso
Year: 2014
Lyrics by: Roosevelt

Si genyen

[Verse 1]
Genyen ki jete dlo, genyen ki priye
Genyen k tèlman bay dlo ki prèske neye
Genyen se zòm pòtan politik griye
Genyen se granparan ke lavi pliye
Genyen se restavèk ke sosyete a bliye
Genyen se soufnantchou ke metropòl la triye
Genyen se krizokal Tonton Sam fè briye
Pou l ka sèvi avèk yo chak fwa l bezwen piye

[Verse 2]
Gen madan sara, gen endistriyèl
Gen moun ke refize wout dwat pou pran vye riyèl
Genyen ki onèt, genyen se vipè
E moun ou rekonèt pafwa se li ou pi pè
Genyen se bon frenn, genyen se bon grenn
Genyen se tèt pete, genyen se bon brenn
Genyen ki peye yon dèt men se pa li k dwe l
Genyen ki di men koulèv la men se pa li k touye l

Genyen wi la a, genyen wi (madanm, hmmm)
Genyen wi la a, genyen wi (si genyen)
Mwen di genyen wi la a, genyen wi (2x)

[Verse 3]
Gen gade san pran, gen pran san gade
Genyen san zepolèt ki pi chèf ke wo grade
Genyen pwofesè ki pa fè etid
Y’ap anseye moral men yo se pèfid
Gen pou achte, gen pou vann
Gen pou konprès, gen pou bann
Gen pou tout moun, tout kouch, tou plas
Tout bouch, tout klas, tout louch, tout tas
Genyen ki dyabolize, genyen ki demonize
Genyen ki posede yon batistè men ki san idantite
Gen sa ki sèmante demen ka bon,
Men fò l ta simante kèk vakabon
Genyen ki gen espwa, genyen ki gen lafwa
Genyen k’ape monte lesyèl pa do
Nasyonalite yo tounen yon fado
Genyen ki pa gen fas, ki pa gen do
Pou kisa se sa nou ba yo kòm kado
Genyen ki kwense, genyen ki prese
Genyen ki strese, genyen ki blese
Gen atis ki di tout voum se do
Gen BIC Tizon Dife


  • BIC marries rap and folk to deliver poignant critiques and observations of the Haitian society. In 2000, he launched his musical career as a member of the rap group Flex. Then he formed the duo BIC (Brain. Intelligence. Creativity.) and adopted the acronym as his stage name. In 2010, he went solo and started his record label, Tizon Dife Records. Since 2006, BIC has served as Goodwill Ambassador for several organizations, including the Haitian Basketball Federation and SPEDH (Support Social pour les Enfants Démunis d'Haiti. Since 2012, he has served as Ambassadeur de la Francophonie alongside BélO and Jean-Jean Roosvelt. In 2014, BIC won Institut Français's VISA pour la Creation residency and spent three months at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris completing his dual language album, Recto-Verso. His sixth album, Vokabi-Lari, was released in May 2016.
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