Ti Karo • Mr Boom

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Genre: Konpa
Year: 2013
Featuring: J-Ron, LuKay, JeanR
Produced by: Jude Sévère

So right now I’d like to welcome y’all to something great
And right now we have a mix of multi-talented, innovative, inspiring group of individuals
And now we’re all Haitian, so it’s only right we do it through our own native sound
We call that Konpa

First we need the kick (Like one-two, one-two)
A little percussions, a little congas
Maybe a little bit of cowbells (yeah just like that)
And now it wouldn’t be Konpa if we don’t have the signature sound
Drop the cymbals
So now we got the beat going, we can vibe to it
And the only thing missing right now is some vocals
So I got my man J-Ron and LuKay, drop it

Baby let’s party, party (2x)
Baby let’s party, party all night
Cause we’re the one who brings the party

So now we got all that we need, but we came here to party right
And it wouldn’t be a party if we got no dancing
So we got our little signature dance, we call it Ti Karo
So Imma give you all the steps, and y’all just follow along aight

[Ti Karo steps]
Pye goch devan, pye goch sou kote
Pye dwat devan, pye dwat sou kote
Lage kò w dèyè, ti panche devan
Kwaze, kwaze

So y’all got the dance right?
So grab whoever you came with
Your girl, your boy, yo bò kwis
We gonna do a little square dance
Ti Karo...


So as I was saying, we do it every way
So let me show y’all how we flip shit right here
First off, Jude Sévère mete pou yo

[Keyboard solo - Jude Sévère]
Men konpa

So we gonna switch it up to a little Caribbean pop

[Keyboard groove - Eifkeyz]
Now for all those who like that simple dancing

No we wouldn’t be us if we don’t do what we do
Eifkeyz, smooth it out

Now it’s alright, but we do it better
They both try, but never get to this

So y’all remember the steps right?
One, two… Ti Karo


So we gonna bring the party to the next level

Ti Karo baby, gardes ton corps contre mon corps
An n jere ti kare sa a, vin kenbe m un peu plus fort
Ti Karo baby, ban m fè yon ti ba pou ou
Genlè aswè a m’ap resi f’on ti lanmou
Ti Karo baby, gardes ton corps contre mon corps
An n jere ti kare sa a, vin kole m un peu plus fort
Ti Karo, baby ban m fè yon ti ba pou ou
Genlè aswè a m’ap resi f’on ti lanmou

We gonna switch it up

Girl you know that my plan is to give you my best
I promise you’ll never forget
You’ll be lost in the music, but you’ll never wanna leave
Cause you’ve never had anything like this


So like you see, we’re the ones that bring you the party
We bring you the music, the vibe and the dance
So that’s my team:
Mr Boom

And Imma let the beat ride, give y’all time to dance

[Ti Karo steps]

So that’s how we do it,
Shout out K-Funk


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