One Wish (Remix) • Cruz La

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Men Cruz La
Year: 2014
Featuring: Jimmy Carter

Cruz La

Avan yèswa mwen t’ap domi
M’ap gade lan rèv mwen wè
Yon bèl bebe k’ap pase
Franchman mwen te anvi apwoche li
Dlo nan je l, m’wè l t’ape kriye
Yon zanj apwoche kote m, li di m fanm sa a se pou mwen l voye l
Misyon mwen sou pou m renmen avè li

One wish, one wish
One wish, it’s all i want
One wish, I wanna spend my life with you

Mwen sote lan domi, m’ap chèche pou m wè fanm sa a
Rele non li tout kote, reyalize s’on ti rèv mwen t’ap fè
Premye fwa m’fon rèv konsa, m’mete jenou m atè
M’rele Bondye nan syèl la, men si l te ka ban m fanm ki te nan rèv la


[Guitar solo]
Epi Fredo, fè yo dodo, fè yo dodo
Ou oh, ou oh, ou oh, oh oh
Ban deyè a se
Oh oh, ou oh, ou oh, oh oh

Yo Jimmy Carter, holla at them man

[Rap - Jimmy Carter]
Yo Cruz La, let us tell ‘em how it is (ok)
She’s the dream girl so we gonna tell ‘em what it is (ok)
One wish, little mama was the truth (yeah)
I date a lot of girls, but none of them compare to you (alright)
The way you made me feel, how can I ever be confused?
Huh, how can ever be confused? (never)
My dream girl, but not Beyonce (uh huh)
Caramel complexion, Haitian perfection
Why do I have to go to sleep to see this girl?
Maybe with one wish God will give me what I deserve
Jimmy Carter…

Mwen ta renmen avè w doudou an reyalite
Se pa sèlman nan rèv pou nou rankontre

[Keyboard solo]
Epi Scooby Doo pote m ale souple
Oh oh oh oh
Cruz La and Jimmy Carter baby
Baby, I’m in love...I’m love baby


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