Fel Vini Avan • Klass

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Fel Vini Avan
Year: 2013
Produced by: Ritchie

(k l a s s )
(epi’m kague wi la)

Zanmi si'w vle tande pawol sa f''on pwoche
Yo di lavi gen move kou
Men'l chaje bon jou
Yon flannè'k pa konn pawòl sa w'antrave
Etan done'w di'm pwoblem ou
M'gon konsey pou ou
Se pa fot lanmou
Si toulejou w'ap kriye
Kè moun fè yo mal pou ou
Telman w'ap plenyen bay bondye
G'on ti bagay frè
Ki ka fè kè fanm ou kontan
Se lè nan tout sa wap fè
Ou make sure li vini avan

Moun ki gen chans tande'w pè pwoche lanmou
Lè pou'w di fanm ou ti mo dou
W'prefere ba'l kou
W'ap plenyen jan'w jalou e'w vle tout pou ou
Ou poko menm konn kote'w gad
Epi w'ap sal rad
Di'l cheri mwen renmen'w
Tankou 2 je nan tet mwen
Tankou on ti moun grangou
Yo bay yon ponyen adoken
Li pral fè yon ti souri
Sa vle di ti kè'l kontan
Nan tout sa w'ap fè zanmi
Make sure li vini avan

Yo vle vini avan (repeat)
(Rete, se pa manifestation mwe la
Ou we travay misie
Satisfaction pou bay wi blood
Medam, medam nou met calme
Map sevi avel pou nou, chante)

Avan ou kriye
Zanmi avan ou babye
Si'w reflechi byen----w'ava wè (2 fwa)

Li dwe vini avan
Fò'l vini avan

Nan tout desizyon--fò'w mete'l avan
Pou sekirite'l-----e lè n'ap fè lanmou
Lè sa w'pral sispann gen pwoblem
Zanmi w'pral sispann plenyen
W'pral sispann bay lanmou pot chay
Ke li pa merite....... Radòt lol

Si'w pa bay atansyon
Pap gen satisfaksyon
Si'w pa ka fè'l vini avan pral gen tansyon--fristrasyon

(Evens montreal fanm ou deye ou devan
Wap mange a men tande)
(Ralf chakleton)
(Klass it is baby, yes it is baby)
(Epi pipo tout jan)

Pozo’w soso Carlo, makes me wanna whine slow
Pipo such a romeo ladies you should know
Nixon Tiwes Belkod pa kite dezod
Hey yo a little bird told me Richie he’s a freak

(klass it is baby, yes it baby)
(Junior port de paix)
(Bel kod fly)

Siw pa bay attention, pap gen satisfaction
Siw pa ka fel vini avan pral gen tention frustration

  • Founded on April 18th, 2012, KLASS is a new school of Haitian konpa where everyone is welcome to enroll and attend. Since its inception, clean competition, determination, and respect have been the core elements to maintaining a report card of success.

    When you ask the female fans "Where they are heading?" they reply that they are going to "KLASS". Ask the male fans, "How they function?" and they answer that they do everything with "KLASS". Finally, you ask the promoters, "What they think?" and they reply that "an event without this band will have no 'KLASS!'
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