Keep It On The Down Low • J. Perry

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Album: One Life To Live
Year: 2011
Featuring: Grusome
Lyrics by: Jonathan Perry & Grusome

J Perry
You know the deal
Gotta keep it on the down low, you know

Girl I want you, keep it on the down low
I wanna get down with you
Baby girl, that’s for sure
Just keep it on the down low
Wanna spend some good times with you
But no one else should ever know
Let’s keep it on the down low
And if a hole digger asks you,
Shortie you already know to keep it on the down low
I wanna get down with you

Keep it on the down down down
On the down low

[Verse 1]
Make sure that you won’t talk
That is all I wanna know
Waiting on that answer before I crawl all over you
Gonna take my time, gonna relax and take it slow
Is it okay if I play you like a guitar
Treat you like the queen that you are
Is it okay to drive you around in my car
Don’t worry, no one will ever know what we are about girl


That’s how you better keep it
And leave this step a secret
Sleep at the Fontainebleau wake up watching Kelly and Regis
I think that’s room service, you better believe it
Go ahead and let them in girl, they coming to feed us
We can’t be holding hands boo, somebody will see us
And you know me, I ain’t about the drama
Then have some chickenhead run and and tell my baby mama


We got a thing going, let’s keep it on the DL
Hopped in my whip, yeah the black on black CL
5 chains on shining, call me FDL
If you wanna holla at me, text, email
You want me, you could find me -- we can kiss, but don’t tell
Baby oh well, meet me at a hiding place
There’s only room for one girl, baby I’m out of space


All the fine ladies, if you’re down to keep it quiet say
Oh oh
If you know how to keep a secret and you’re ready to bring it say
Oh oh

All my fine ladies, if you’re down to keep it quiet say
I can keep it on the down low
If you know how to keep a secret and you’re ready to bring it say
Yes, I can keep it on the down low

  • Jonathan Perry, AKA J-Perry was born on June 4th, 1988 and grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His parents noticed he had a good ear for music when Jonathan started playing music at the tender age of 6 years old. Music is not Jonathan's only love. He also has a passion for motorcycles. He has also been riding since the age of 6 years old. Working with Carl Fred Behrmann, the owner of an independent music label in Haiti, Baoli Records, Jonathan has been writing and producing songs for different artists in Haiti, amongst them, Jean Bernard Thomas aka Ayiti Thomas who had a huge success with one of his songs written by J Perry "Reminisce". Baoli Records has been investing and pushing J Perry in his music career ever since.
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