It's Your Birthday • Blaise

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Genre: Konpa
Year: 2014

It’s your birthday (12x)

It’s your birthday today
Only God knows how I feel
Let me tell you baby
You look so sexy and beautiful

At this moment – I pledge my love to you
At this moment – wishing you love and happiness
At this moment – at this moment
At this moment – yea Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday (8x)

Jodia se fet ou baby mwen ta renmen few ke kontan
Mwen wè zetwal yap briye
Zanj yo men da la men, yap selebre

Nan moman sa – de tout mon Coeur je t’aime
Nan moman sa – m’ mande bondye lanmou pou ou
Nan moman sa – nan moman nan moman sa
Nan moman sa

Check this out
It’s your birthday today, It’s a blessing yes way
Merci pour ta bonte, ta facon de faire
Ton amour ta simplecite, d’une voix forte
Here we go Happy Birthday to you yeah

Danse – metew alez manmi

It’s your birthday baby
It’s your birthday angel
It’s your birthday today
It’s your birthday baby
It’s your birthday angel
It’s your birthday today
Wishing you love and happiness

Bliye tout vye move moman
Chache on fason pou’w fè kèw kontan
Jodia se fèt ou que Dieu te bennisse

It’s your birthday baby
It’s your birthday angel
It’s your birthday today
Vini danse pou mwen
It’s your birthday baby
It’s your birthday angel
It’s your birthday today

It’s a Blaise thing yo

Se anivèsè’w saw vle – di mwen non wowo
Se anivèsè’w saw vle – pale avè mwen Cherie m nan
Se anivèsè’w saw vle

Yon ti vwayaj nan pari on ti vakans nan parade
Si se sa kap fè ou plezi baby pa ni problem
Yon ti vwayaj Haiti pou efase la nostaji
Se sa kap fèw kèw kontan, banm men’w ann ale

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