Lòd Nan Dezòd • Djakout #1

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Lòd Nan Dezòd
Year: 2014

Ti mesye se mwen menm Nemours Jean Baptiste k'ap pale avè w.
Reveye nou
Li lè, li tan pou n met lòd nan dezòd

Yon ti kabicha m'ap fè mwen reve
Mèt konpa a, chèf konpa a
Li vinn pale avè m, mine li mare
Li plenyen, li plenyen

Ak tout kè m, mwen te pèdi tout tan m pou m kreye konpa
Ah wi sa a s'on don
Sa fè m mal lè mwen gade kijan nou mete l tèt anba
Oh non sa pa bon
Tanpri, tanpri li lè pou tout gagòt fini
Fòk nou mete lòd - tout mizisyen, tout pwomotè
Si n pa mete lòd, nanm mwen pap janm an pè

Yon ti kabicha m'ap fè mwen reve
Mèt konpa a, chèf konpa a
Li vinn pale avè m, mine li mare
Li plenyen, li plenyen

[Chorus ]
Nan djaz peyi a m’gen espwa
Djaz peyi a o o
Nan ou m’gen eswpa
Retire m nan sa
Retire m nan sa o o
Louvri je w
Leve (5x), vinn mete lòd

Lè chat pa la, rat pran kay
Fanatik eske n pare - wi nou deja pare oooo
Rale sentiwon yo - OK
Mete l anlè - OK
Timoun pa jwe nan bab granmoun
Chaplèt, chaplèt, chaplèt
Si w pa respekte prensip
Chaplèt, chaplèt nan dada timoun dezòdone

[Keytar groove]
Ahny, a jenou...wach!
Alo Ti Paul Demesmin, yo di m pwazon pa vann nan bal
Voye achte yon boutèy pou mwen

Men sa n t’ap tann lan

Woy woy woy, men Djakout la reveye
Woy woy woy nou vinn met lòd nan dezòd (Apa w’ap kouri)
Pandan n’ap dòmi nou tande lari bloke
Sa k nan mitan lari a, banm lari a blanch

Lè yo tande nou deklanche - woy, kè sote
Yo tande sou yo n’ap rive - se pa ti sote
Bri a kouri nou pran lari - way, vant bouyi
N’ap vini cho, tou cho - se pa ti bouyi (W’ap boule wi)

Woy woy woy, men Djakout la reveye
Woy woy woy nou vinn met lòd nan dezòd (An hani)
Pandan n’ap dòmi nou tande lari bloke ( Se li l ye)
Sa k nan mitan lari a, banm lari a blanch
Timoun dezòdone

[Keytar groove]
Regi mete lòd nan dezòd

Kensy Production
Grande Puissance lan
Bon kounya di m kiyès ki pa renmen konpa

Dominicain renmen konpa
Jamaicain renmen konpa
Pou kiyès glwa a?
Pou Ayisyen l’ye
Martiniquais renmen konpa
Guadeloupean renmen konpa
Pou kiyès glwa a?
Pou Ayisyen l’ye
Ale wè, ale wè pou Ayisyen

Ou ka renmen salsa - ou pa ka renmen salsa pase konpa
Ou ka renmen ragga - ou pa ka renmen ragga pase konpa
Gen moun ki marye nan danse konpa - eya papa, eya papa
Moun bliye pwoblèm gras a konpa - eya papa, eya papa

Ou gen san konpa nan venn ou, pa ezite voye l monte
Voye l monte - ak de men nou (4x)
Voye l monte

[Keyboard groove]

Mete lòd nan dezòd, o piyay la fini
Mete lòd nan dezòd, o gagòt la fini
Mete lòd nan dezòd, o piyay la fini
Mete lòd nan dezòd
Konpa sa a s’on konpa...Woy, gason pa kanpe

[Keyboard groove]
Ohhh....Woy, gason pa kanpe

Konpa se kinan w li ye, pa ezite voye l monte
Voye l monte - ak de men nou (4x)
Voye l monte

[Keyboard groove]
[Chorus - Mete lòd]
[Fade out - Shabba]

  • In the later 1980's original founder Dominique Lauture after winning an American Airlines jingle contest, decided to evolve in a direction that was now becoming the craze in Haiti, and form a group playing modern compas, with upbeat rythms and lyrics that the mass could both relate and identify with. This evolution is now what we know to be called the New Generation of Compas. In the 1990's the band changed direction, and under the direction of renown guitar player Claude Marcelin, the band had a more solid repertoire, and included younger less renown musicians (at the time) such as Gracia Delva, and Edzer Charlemagne (T-Pouch).

    In June 1998 the band under the Label Antilles Mizik toured the United States, and released their 3rd CD Titled " Septieme Ciel" another very popular cd, at the time which was well received by all Compas Fans, and especially those fans of the Newer Generation.

    2010, the band at a crossroads both under new management, and tormented by the sadness that has plagued their native homeland, out of compassion for the victims of the January 12th earthquake that took the lives of many people, the band released their most recent CD titled "PWOFITE" (seize the moment).

    In 2013, in addition to have been recognized as the band who has participated most frequently in the Haitian Compas festival's 15 years of existence, they were awarded Carnaval Champions in Haiti twice in one year!
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