Please Baby • Alan Cavé


Genre: Konpa
Year: 2002

Ban mwen yon ti moman
Yon ti moman souplé
Fok mwen konn kouman w ye
Fok mwen konn kote w ye
Mwen konnen mwen koupab
M konnen minpadonab
Chéri mwen dézolé
Pou tout tray ke mwen fe w pase

Please an han han
Pa kite m darling an an han han
I' m sorry an han han
Pa kite m darling an an han han

M senti m an dépaman
Dépi lo n séparé
Doulè mare fyel mwen
M nan la penn tout la sinte jounen *2
San ou mwen pa sociab
Mwen vinn intolerab
Ke mwen pran nan w chimen jennen
M realisé sé ou m renmen...Oooh ya!


Bam yon denye chans pou n pale
M poko pare pou mwen blye lanmou sila baby
Ban you denye chans pou n pale
Chooup choup choubidou

You can't leave me now boo
I have plans for you
Like buying a crib, having kids
Everything I did revolved around you
My Haitian queen so I crowned you
Thank GOD I found you
Now nothing but love surrounds you
Doves around you
So all the hard times emanced - that
Feel me as I' m pouring my heart on the ZIN track
We went from holding hands to can't understand
Why I called you my girl
I ain't even your man..Nah..come on mamie
Playing games like I ain't nothing
Like them five years didn't amount to something
Now come on mamie
Keep it real stop fronting
You hugging and loving
Come on mamie
Know the deal stop fronting
Or I'm gonna chill and let Alan
Spit a little something like.....

Woyy..mamie, pa sa kitem la
Woyyy..mamie, pa sa kitem la
Anything you say I'll do, pa sa kitem la
Eske w vle m mete ajenou, pa sa kitem la

  • Georges Alan Cavé born in New York in 1966. In 1987, he met with Alex Abellard and Eddy Saint-Vil to audition, and Cavé was quickly signed for the group Zin. Alan Cavé is a prolific songwriter, with a catalogue of songs and unreleased recordings in English, French, and Haitian Creole. He said he would prefer to be remembered as writer and composer, as it takes not just talent, but passion, aspiration, discipline and hard work to write songs and release an album. Cavé has performed and collaborated with other well-known performers in zouk, kompa, French and Caribbean music such asMalavoi, Mario DeVolcy, Tanya Saint-Val, Haddy N'jie, Roy Shirley, and Les ténors du Zouk. In 2001 he launched his first solo album, Se Pa Pou Dat, which was an enormous success. This album seems to transcend barriers of language and cultural sound, with its melodies popular in Japan, Africa and South America, even though listeners may not understand the words. He continuous to have a solo career and has released five solo kompa albums.
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