M'Anvi Gate'w • T-Vice

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Resan
Year: 2013

Kijan pou'm dekri'w kijan m' anvi'w
D'une fason special ki trè oze ki pa nòmal
Tout zanmi mwen di'm pinga'm proche'w
Ou trè renferme ou pa nan experimante
Sa intrige'm bokou pi plis
Mwen ta renmen etre le premier
Ki fè ou viv tout fantasy
A tout plezi k gen nan lavi

Sa pap janm chanje fason mgade'w
Nou tout gen anvi nou gen sekrè se sak lavi
Sa intrige'm bokou pi plis
Mwen ta renmen etre le premier
Ki fè ou viv tout fantasy
A tout plezi k gen nan lavi
Trust me baby you'll be happy

Yo di tèt mwen pati ke mwen gen gro foli
Kanmenm map reusi wo wo

“Yo pral sezi”
“Epi yo pa ka fè anyen kont sa… y'all heard”

Gad kijan mwen fou
Baby m'ajenou – m'ajenou mape mande'w
Gad kijan mwen fou

M'anvi fèw vwayaje pou'm fè'w viv tout sa'w konn reve
Mfè anpil eksperyans kem vle partaje
Map tounen bwat sekrèw mwen jire sa ap ret ant nou de
Cherie kenbe menm louvri kèw epi kite gate'w

Baby m'anvi gate'w – mennen'w St. Tropez
Baby m'anvi gate'w – le plus grand hotel du quartier
Baby m'anvi gate'w – nan suite presidantièl la
Baby m'anvi gate'w – nou pral fè lobèy
Baby m'anvi gate'w – trust me ou pap regret

M'anvi fèw vwayaje pou'm fè'w viv tout sa'w konn reve
Mfè anpil eksperyans kem vle partaje
Map tounen bwat sekrèw mwen jire sa ap ret ant nou de
Cherie kenbe menm louvri kèw epi kite gate'w

Baby m'anvi gate'w – nap rive Monaco
Baby m'anvi gate'w – sou le plus grand bato
Baby m'anvi gate'w – princesse la pral jalouse
Baby m'anvi gate'w – yap mande kiyes sa
Baby m'anvi gate'w –

“Fèm konfyans baby yo pa ka fè anyen konsa wo”

M'anvi kenbe'w – gate'w
M'anvi peze'w – gate'w
Baby m'anvi – gate'w
M'anvi dejwe'w – gate'w
Cherie m'anvi – gate'w
I'm looking for a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets

“That's right men nou”
“Men konpa”
“Tout macho'm yo chante pou mwen”

Ou wè nan Djazz sa - Gen bon macho
Pa gen problèm macho pa gen problèm flannè – gen bon macho
“Evens Jean ou gen bon jan”

Mfè tout vi'm ap chèche on fanm ki fèm reve
Avèw mvle eseye tout bagay ki oze
Ansanm ann eksplwate but nou pa gaspiye
They say one life to live ann profite pa gen danje

I'm falling baby you drive me crazy
Girl I'm so ready to fulfill your fantasy

  • Being sons of the legendary Robert Martino, Roberto and Reynaldo over 15 years ago embarked on a musical journey that has been a roller-coaster ever since! T-Vice is a Haitian Kompa musical band that formed in 1992. The group was formed by brothers Roberto Martino and Reynaldo Martino. Longtime friends James Cardozo and Gerald Kebreau were soon added making the quartet. In 2005 the band reinvented itself by adding Olivier Duret, Eddy Viau, Rivenson Louissaint and their newly added congas player Ricot Amazan. They are 8 now rocking the concert and bal stages all over the world! T-Vice is known for their catchy lyrics and energetic vibe, as well as the modern party scene they bring into the genre of Kompa.
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