Let Love Take Us Away • Olivier Martelly

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2014
Featuring: Sean Paul & JahFe

Sak pase? M'ap boule!
First time I fell in love it was just a waste of time (Yagayow)
I never thought love would really blow my mind
(Don't sweat it girl)
Got rid of all my thoughts of settling down
(Check it)
Down down yeah
This time going to question all that ladeedadee
Got just one life to live
Can't keep feeling down and lonely
Call up my girls, yo hit the mall and spend this money
Buying the bar, it's on

Let's let love take us away

Aye, aye, aye, aye
I know you want it
Aye, aye, aye, aye
You know I want it

The second guy said he would stay with me till the end of time
I never thought that it was a bunch of lines
Until he fed another girl the same old lies
This time going to question all that ladeedadee
One life to live
Can't keep feeling down and lonely
Call up my girls, yo hit the mall and spend this money
Buying the bar, it's on
But he said

Let's let love take us away

Yo yo
Tun up tun up di sound inna di club
Aye aye aye aye
You gotta live life
Aye aye aye aye
Party all day, we do it right
Aye aye aye aye
We gotta live our lives

Tun up di sound inna di club
Dance music but me ah dance rub-a-dub

Di gyal all dem wanna do gimme some love
Meditate pon me tellin my girl wen
Mi penetrate shi aguh know what's up
Set this straight, girl me cyaa wait
From bed to the ceiling back to the rug
Well talented man a real hot bwoy
Man a thug
Now gimme that chance to just lift you up
Man a real hot boys, man a thugs
Inna di place, me new baby love
Run mi way, now give give it up
So gimme that chance to just lift you up
Man a real hot boys

Girl, I know you want
(Big O!)
You know I want it
So let love take control and take us away

Let's let love take us away

Jamaica to Haiti

Aye aye aye
I know you want it
Aye aye aye
You know I want it

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