Pale Yo • T-Micky

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Genre: Konpa
Album: #Atache
Year: 2014
Featuring: Sweet Micky
Produced by: Sandro Martelly

Aux âmes bien nées, la valeur n'attend point le nombre des années.
T-Micky, kote clap la hein? Kote clap la?

[Sweet Micky]
Gen sa ki panse nou vin kraze yo
Mache tout kote y'ap bat kò yo
Pale n'ap pale yo
T-Micky pa vin pou n deranje yo
Gen sa ki te swete pou n te tonbe
Gen lòt ki espere n pa janm rive
Pale n'ap pale yo
T-Micky pa vini pou l betize
La jenès la deside pou l atache
Fòmil la pa chanje n vin pi move
Pale n'ap pale yo
Se menm bandi legal yo k'ap frape
Pou tout sa k'ap eseye bòykote n
(Ha ha, di yo pa menm pwoche tande)
Pale n'ap pale yo
T-Micky se bon bandi pou n pale yo

Devan devan
Rakatakeketa kaw!

Sou do, sou do
Sou do o, o o
Sou do, sou do
Sou do, sou do
Sou do, sou do

Hey la ti mal, sa w konn nan sa
Ou genlè bliye ou si w te konn kritike m
Di n pap rive, gen pou n tonbe
Gad jodia nou fè hit la
Timoun yo aksepte n, granmoun yo apwouve n
E jenès la, se nou yo vle
He hey

Sou do, sou do
On lè mete l sou vant tou monchè, w'anraje
Sou do, sou do
Sou do, sou do
Sa k renmen n yo, nou renmen yo
Sa k rayi n yo, nou rayi yo tou
Sou do, sou do

Nou travay pou n rive, e yo pa fè n favè
Malgre yo politize n, nou goumen pou nou jwenn respè
Nou pap dekouraje, n'ap travay n'ap rive
Nenpot jan l ye

Atache m yo
Pale yo
Nou kapab fè l ansanm pou biznis lan mache
Pale yo
Si w pa vle rale kò w, vle pa vle m'ap pase
Pale yo
Ha, brodeur m'pale avè w pran fòm kò w
Pale yo

Se li, se li….Woy
Woy woy
Le père, le fils, et le compas

Pale yo, pale yo
Papi, pale pou mwen non
Pale yo, pale yo
Se konsa djaz la frape la
Pale yo, pale yo
T-Micky pa janm ranse la
Pale yo, pale yo
Se konsa djaz la mate la

Pale yo
Premye fwa m m'te pale, nou te wè m'te serye
Dezyèm ane rive, eksperyans ap monte
Prezidan te trase l, nou pap janm ka devye l
Pale yo

  • Sandro Martelly aka "T-MICKY was born into a Musical family with a passion for Music, he prides himself as being a young student in the game. To introduce himself to the world, he produced a solid freshman album titled "Pa Chachem" under Big O Prod. T-Micky is enjoying his artistic journey doing music that feels good to the soul. The Group has toured in Paris, French Guyane, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, New Caledonia, Montreal, US etc.
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