Klike Sou Li • Klass

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Ret Nan Liy Ou
Year: 2019

Jounnen m poko kòmanse
Tout tan m pa konn kijan w leve
Kijan nwit ou pase
M pa vle absan lè w souri
Se on mèvèy m pa vle pèdi
Tèlman m damou cheri

Mwen pap dekouraje se sou ou sèl mwen klike
Pou ou mwen prè pou m sakrifye
Tout sa m ye sa m posede
Ou fè m goute on lanmou
Ki bay lavi m on lòt gou
Ou se branch limyè mwen nan dekou

Mwen pap ba w pawòl pou w dòmi
Ou deja fè lanmou nou jwi jouk nanm mwen anvayi
Mwen vle la lè w pral pipi
Mwen vle avè w jouk tan m mouri
Tèlman m damou cheri


Klike cheri klike mwen pare pou sa ou vle
M ap tann ou deside pou lavi nou kòmanse
Klike cheri klike pa kite baj ou kase
M ap tan ou deside pou lavi nou kòmanse

Mwen vle swiv ou tankou yon lonbraj
Mwen vle w san makiyaj

Pou tout moun k ap chèche lanmou pa yo a, mwen m fèk jwenn pa m nan
Cheri se ou l ye
Epi m klike wi la

Woy men konpa

Ti Joel Antoine klike sou pa w la non frè

Lè lanmou frape w, santi kè w pran palpite
Pa fè tankou w pa tande se kap dènye fwa sa rive w
Lavi gen revè, ou pral pase mizè
Ou pral naje nan regrè
Se youn nan pi vye erè ou pat dwe fè

Si l fè san w mache, si l fè nanm ou vibre
Klililik klililik prese kouri klike
Pandan li dispo, pandan yon lòt poko
Klililik klililik mesye kouri klike

Fanatik yo wè anba yo
Yo di gen sa ki fake – men Klass la original
Sa se pa fake la non – sa se bon an
Sa w fè lajounen – se avè l ou dòmi nan nwit

Tout moun nan kay la leve men nou pou n resevwa levanjil klass la
Leve leve leve l
Kèl Affaire
Se Klililik klililik

Si l fè san w mache, si l fè nanm ou vibre
Klililik klililik prese kouri klike
Pandan li dispo, pandan yon lòt poko
Klililik klililik mesye kouri klike

  • Founded on April 18th, 2012, KLASS is a new school of Haitian konpa where everyone is welcome to enroll and attend. Since its inception, clean competition, determination, and respect have been the core elements to maintaining a report card of success.

    When you ask the female fans "Where they are heading?" they reply that they are going to "KLASS". Ask the male fans, "How they function?" and they answer that they do everything with "KLASS". Finally, you ask the promoters, "What they think?" and they reply that "an event without this band will have no 'KLASS!'
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