Gran Plantè • Trouble Boy


Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Album: Pral Nan Peyan M Pou Yo
Year: 2018
Featuring: Wendyyy

Yo king
Kijan w kanpe nan game nan daw
An gran plantè shit

N ap plante lontan kounya n ap rekòlte
Swag nou chanje n pa mache dekòlte
Menm jan ak zansèt yo k te leve k revòlte
Menm le wap pale n mal fò w sonje di n se
Gran plantè (8x)

[Verse 1]
Si l dezyèm men sè ke l te nèf avan
Pou w gen dis fò w gen nèf avan
Wap rale n pou n fè back bondye pouse n pou n fè nèf avan
Santi bon koute chè avan w rele nou woy fè kòb ou près avan
Machandiz la vin pi bon l vin pi chè woy gade jan n fresh a van
Nou pa fe djòlè pou tenis ni pou rad paske n gen tèt avan
Avan w fè djòlè di w gen kòb yo al peye det ou avan
Kounya se travay ret lakay se bat night pou w fè kòb lontan l te fè avan
Kounya n pale a fanm byen janti byen poli yeah lontan l te sex van
M travay m fè non m pou m gran plantè
Ou plante w rekòlte ou pa gratè se lè sa w ka pote non gran plantè
On bon gran plantè map jere gwo dosye pa rele m yo ban m on texta van
Cheri m an gran plantè cheri si w vle gate pa ban m poul banm on bef avan
Yon gwo kontra ki fèk tonbe m fèk sot rele apantè m nan
So isi rap pa ba w manje mwen l fè m chanje aparteman
Nou gen bil machin bil kay nou tankou Bill Gates
Nou met madanm nou nan kay nou pa nan pil b*tch


[Verse 2]
Yo nou pat sou anyen kounya n ap fè bras
Kola nou te fre kounya lap fè glas
Nou te sou karaib kounya n ap fè trace
Madanm ou pa vle lage kounya n ap fè pas
Gran plantè nou pa rich men n gen twa deal
Chak apèl twa mil dola senk santyèm tè nan twa deal
Ou vle lapè ou vle feat devan ven mil pou n ta deal
Lang wap pale a m pa konprann chache lajan pou w tradwi l
Wap fè kapab n ap fè sa nou vle
Gran plante a jouk nan zo li se pa nou vle
Chak jou n ap met lajan nan bank n ap ajoute nimewo
Nigga ou pap pale avè m si w pap pale dinero
Nou frape chak pòt nou met mind nou fè jackpòt
Chak ane n konyen rap kreyòl sou yo san n pa met kapòt
E game nan gen on sèl king pa gen chanjman k konte fèt
Chak jou wap fè vye kòmante chak jou n ap konte vèt


  • Lord Wensky Jolissaint, commonly known as "Trouble Boy" is a Saggitarius born on December 19, 1989. Being a passionate of music, it did not take long for the young rapper to get influenced and inspired by the American Hip Hop scene in the beginning of 2000. After the death of his mother in 2009, he launched his music career with his first single "Crank that Moto" which came out in 2011. Despite the fact that Trouble was then unknown to the public, his single received instant success.
    Trouble has since been the reflection of Creole Rap for the last few years. He is enthusiastic, productive; he has a strong attitude, and a strong urge to gain recognition. He gets his inspiration from his circle, his own experiences and feelings. His lyrics are well articulated and rich, combining relatable life experiences with unique punchlines. Curious and energetic like his zodiac sign suggests, Trouble boy has without a doubt found the perfect formula to satisfy his public. The young and the old are able to sing to his songs. With this same momentum, he released his first album entitled "Shut up epi tande" in 2012.
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