Mechan Dash • Steves J. Bryan

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2018
Lyrics by: Steves J. Bryan

Mechan dash
Mechan Dash
Mechan dash

Bouda manzè son film lè lap mache sonw sinema
Li pa madan papa e l pa ninpòt ki limena
Si w wè l a bikini gade w pa gen dwa pa sou sa
Kit ou fanm kit ou gason w ap anvi kole dan sou sa
M rankontre manzè nan on bal m di l alo madame
Non pa m se Steves e m wè w klere kon fanal
Li souri epi li di m gade mwen konn kiyès ou ye
Tu es le roi des lions et t’es mon rappeur préféré
M gentan kontan men manzè di m mais désolé
M di l poukisa li di m je suis accompagné
Menm moman blodeur parèt li gade m e l ban m dan
M di misye m pa dentist espès de kananan
Misye rale fanm lan li di l chérie alonzi
Fanm lan di l oh oh bon m pa gentan danse Medjy
Pandan fanm prale li gade m li di m dm
Depi lè sa m ret en communication avè l


3 hrs du matin m paka dòmi oh
Manzè post on foto li fè m bondi oh
M Mande l kote l ye m di l manvi wè l
Li di l Vivy mitchel se à peine lap panse avè m
Gade m plede gaspiye plizyè boutèy parfum
Li rele m di m kote m ye m di l Bebe m pa Lwen
M gentan vole nan machin lan e m ap chire wout
Nan fè prese aksidentèlman m boule on limyè wouj
M tande wiw wiw polis rete m
Gentan rale papye machin epi m poze m
Kiyès nou panse ki parèt devan vit la
Menm blodeur ki ta fanm lan nan bal Enposib la
Shit nan tèt mwen m gentan konen m mele
Misye di m oh oh Atis ou genlè prese
M di misye non gen de bagay pou m al regle
Li di m pran kontravanyon sa yo anvan w ale


M rive kay manzè li di m met antre
M mande l si gen chyen li di gonw chat mouye
M di l ou poukò w li di avè w m ye
M di l pou kombyen tan li di pou jouk Soley leve
Lè sa bon l bon
M gentan fè wout chanm avan salon
Kòb kontravansyon sa m pral tire l
Dezipe tribinal la m pral jije l
M monte manzè kon drapo
M pa rele rocky men tonè boule m bal boa
Li di l renmen lè m pran l pa do ah
Li pa machann men l pot fado a
Gonw jan l bwase senti l lan
Manzè mete m chita pou l bwè ji m lan hey
E jan l fel li merite on prim nan
Manzè fè m vomi tankou m te plim lan hey
Fè foto se foto se foto pouli (2x)
Bal poz bal poz
Fè foto se fè foto se fè foto pou li
Bal pòz bal pòz bal pòz

  • Steves Bryan Joseph also known as Steves J. Bryan started rapping since he was kid, later on became a journalist at the age of 18 and hosted a TV show in Haiti called kom si wow in which he received many international artist and the former president of Haiti. In December 2012 he released a popular mixtape in Haiti called on blast. Steves is quadrilingual. And is now working on new mixtapes and album for fans. Very versatile his genres are Rap/HipHop but he mixed it with some soft rock techno neo-psychedelia and more. Interesting dude with a fun spirit, his music are very uplifting and makes you wanna jump all day. Steves J. Bryan is used to stage performance and delivers nothing but amazingness for you to remember. He performed in front of 10k at the Haitian Compas Festival also at Barry Universities fashion show and many more. Asides from having his own tv show he also studies leadership and marketing and is a great motivational speaker.
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