On Bann • Trouble Boy

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2018
Produced by: Magic Touch
Lyrics by: Trouble Boy

M konn on bann djaspora k pran pòz
Yo pa pale kreyòl
On bann ki toujou ap di
Yo pa moun andeyò
On bann ki toujou ap ri
Langaj moun andeyò
Men depi son tanbou banbou lage
Yo lage nan bann

Li kite Ayiti depi a sèz an pati al viv kay Tonton Sam
Toujou antre trè souvan vin fè vakans kay tonton Jak
Chak fwa l antre se an été li toujou mande rete
Li nan tout fè Pòtoprens an provens li mache fete san rete
Lè l retounen New York la l di jan l sot byen pase
Li di l sot manje manyòk ou mèt kwè l sot byen frape
Li di zanmi Miami yo l sot manje bannan ak griyo
Bon jan diri ak lalo benyen nan lanmè sous dlo
Li pale yo de Djakout TVice yon krezi Kreyòl la
Di yo what’s up vle di sak pase laprann yo kèk mo Kreyol la
Oh nan pran pòz pa Ayisyen oh nan pran pòz li pa konprann
Li di oh oh. Oh nan jwèt nan men w


Ti Jak renmen Ayiti tankou se de je nan tèt li
Pale mal Ayiti devan l l ap transfòme an Jet Li
Toujou ap bat tanbou nan klass li di se sak idantite l
Kata tchtcha tanbou banbou li di sa se kat idantite l
Li di l tande tout lòt tandans pou l fe lòt eksperyans
But tandans pa l se rasin li renmen Boukman Eksperyans
Depi l gen pistach lanbi li pa bezwen viagra
Menm si yo di l Ayiti piti pou li se la vi ak gra
Wap pale m de South Beach si se pou bèl plaj moi je l’ai
Ann al Ayiti m ap mennen w Labadee ak Jele
Wap tèlman wè bèl lanmè wap di Wahoo bay
Aprè map Mennen w Decameron oubyen Wahoo Bay


Ou ka kite Ayiti, Ayiti pap janm kite w
Ble e rouj la se fyète w se li k idantite w

Lwa pran m ankò


  • Lord Wensky Jolissaint, commonly known as "Trouble Boy" is a Saggitarius born on December 19, 1989. Being a passionate of music, it did not take long for the young rapper to get influenced and inspired by the American Hip Hop scene in the beginning of 2000. After the death of his mother in 2009, he launched his music career with his first single "Crank that Moto" which came out in 2011. Despite the fact that Trouble was then unknown to the public, his single received instant success.
    Trouble has since been the reflection of Creole Rap for the last few years. He is enthusiastic, productive; he has a strong attitude, and a strong urge to gain recognition. He gets his inspiration from his circle, his own experiences and feelings. His lyrics are well articulated and rich, combining relatable life experiences with unique punchlines. Curious and energetic like his zodiac sign suggests, Trouble boy has without a doubt found the perfect formula to satisfy his public. The young and the old are able to sing to his songs. With this same momentum, he released his first album entitled "Shut up epi tande" in 2012.
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