Tou Kareman • Alan Cavé

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Genre: Konpa
Album: De La Tête Aux Pieds
Year: 2007
Lyrics by: Syto Cavé

Tou kareman ou enstale w nan vi m

Cheri w fè m mache sou men mwen
Fè m wè lanmou sou tout chimen
Fè m dekouvri sa m'pat konnen
Lò m kwè tout pòt te finn femin
Ou fè soley la retounen
Fè m rejwenn yon kè k' vle chante lavi
Avèk bèl pwezi

Tou karemen, ou enstale w nan vi mwen
Men tou bònman, ou pran plas andan kè mwen

Cheri kenbe mwen san rete
Di m kilè kòk la pral chante
Ki kote la lin lan kache
Kondwi mwen nan peyi k' sanble w
Kote san ap sispann koule
Kote gen bèl amoni lavi, ou kòmanse fleri

Tou karemen, yeah ou enstale w nan vi mwen
Men tou bònman, baby ou pran plas andan kè mwen

Mpap janm sispann di ou mèsi
Pou bèl dezi ke ou banmwen
This love is so, is so crazy
Cheri, chak jou, ou fè m souri, ou fè m soufri
Cheri w banmwen bèl plezi
Fe tout kò m tout tan ap fremi
Cheri san menti, lanmou pa gen pri

Cheri w fè m ap depale

O gad'on lanmou wo k' vinn pou mwen k' revize lage m
Gad'on lanmou wo k' vinn pou mwen k' deside touye m

Ou enstale w nan vi mwen
Ou chita andan kè mwen
Ou mèt fè sa w pi pito
Ou se pi bèl kado Bondye te ka banmwen

Ou enstale w nan vi mwen
Ou chita andan kè mwen
Ou fè mwen anvi rele
Ou fè mwen anvi kriye

Gad'on lanmou wo k' vinn pou mwen k' revize lage m
Gad'on lanmou wo k' vinn pou mwen k' deside touye m

Ou enstale w nan vi mwen
Ou chita andan ke mwen
Ou mèt fè sa w pi pito
Pi bèl kado Bondye banmwen

[Keyboard solo]

Menm si mwen pè, mwen kwè nan bonè chak jou w banmwen,
Chak jou w pote bèl fanm o, nan vi mwen
Cheri se avè w map rete ou mèt enstale w, pa bezwen enketwete w,
Ou la pou tout tan bèl fanm o, nan vi mwen

Ou enstale w nan vi mwen
Ou chita andan ke mwen
Ou mèt fè sa w pi pito
Ou se pi bèl kado Bondye banmwen

  • Georges Alan Cavé born in New York in 1966. In 1987, he met with Alex Abellard and Eddy Saint-Vil to audition, and Cavé was quickly signed for the group Zin. Alan Cavé is a prolific songwriter, with a catalogue of songs and unreleased recordings in English, French, and Haitian Creole. He said he would prefer to be remembered as writer and composer, as it takes not just talent, but passion, aspiration, discipline and hard work to write songs and release an album. Cavé has performed and collaborated with other well-known performers in zouk, kompa, French and Caribbean music such asMalavoi, Mario DeVolcy, Tanya Saint-Val, Haddy N'jie, Roy Shirley, and Les ténors du Zouk. In 2001 he launched his first solo album, Se Pa Pou Dat, which was an enormous success. This album seems to transcend barriers of language and cultural sound, with its melodies popular in Japan, Africa and South America, even though listeners may not understand the words. He continuous to have a solo career and has released five solo kompa albums.
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