Pral Nan Peyi M Pou Yo • Trouble Boy

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Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2017

Yeah nigga

Ayisyen m ye sa pap ka pache
Dèyè mòn gen mòn sa pap ka mache
M konn jete dlo m konn bwè kafe
Rele di m ap vini fò m konn sak pase
Ohohohoh m pral nan peyi anm pou yo
Ohohohoh m pral lakay anm pou yo
M pral nan peyi anm pou yo
M pral lakay anm pou yo

[Verse 1]
M start machin mwen direksyon nan nò Cap-Haitien cheri
Si w di w pa konnen monchè ebyen w antò,
Bondye k fè m Ayisyen cheri
M ap kondwi tèt frèt m pap nan fè vitès, pa la pèn
M ap tande mizik m ap retire strès, m pase pa laplèn
Bouby rele m mande m kote m ap bay, li vle al avè m
M te gen pou m te pran Max,
Dòmi twonpe m Dòmi al avè m
Wout nò gen danje swasant mil alè
M poze m tèt frèt konsa m jere koub lan
Lè m rive Monwi m poze m tèt frèt
M just f on apèl rapid vit m rele Woubann
A ce temps Bistal di m jere pou bann
Piman anraje dlo sa jere l tou banm
M pa nan pale anpil m pap di pil mo yo
Rete m rete m wè m gentan Pilbowo
Aboudayiyi, bila bila kongo
Lè bouda fache tonnè boule m kote l chita - atè


[Verse 2]
Mezi lajan w mezi wanga w
Mezi tanga w cheri, mezi bounda w
Met granmoun sou pou yo pa gad anba w
Lè w fin tonbe yo pral di gad eta w
Rele manman w oubyen rele papa w
Pa gen pèson ki pral lonje men ba w
Adye m al kot St Michel Akanj
Yo di yo ka manje m m ap gade yo ak kan je m
Banm pòt pou m antre, prezans kan kòk kenbe l lè pou m antre
Limbe ba limbe nou la n ap kenbe la
Nou bite n pa tonbe n ap kenbe la fè on lòt kalkil
Lè m rive Lakil pa ka gen dèy paske m gentan Vodwèy
Pa gen bri peta pa gen bri bal
M antre dirèk andan lakou breda
Siwo pou Danmbala wonm pou Ogou
Kafe pou Dantò banm pran bon kou
Banm pran on lòt ankò
On boutèy byen nèt on pafun rèv dò
Ou panse w ka manyen m,


Lwa a pran m

  • Lord Wensky Jolissaint, commonly known as "Trouble Boy" is a Saggitarius born on December 19, 1989. Being a passionate of music, it did not take long for the young rapper to get influenced and inspired by the American Hip Hop scene in the beginning of 2000. After the death of his mother in 2009, he launched his music career with his first single "Crank that Moto" which came out in 2011. Despite the fact that Trouble was then unknown to the public, his single received instant success.
    Trouble has since been the reflection of Creole Rap for the last few years. He is enthusiastic, productive; he has a strong attitude, and a strong urge to gain recognition. He gets his inspiration from his circle, his own experiences and feelings. His lyrics are well articulated and rich, combining relatable life experiences with unique punchlines. Curious and energetic like his zodiac sign suggests, Trouble boy has without a doubt found the perfect formula to satisfy his public. The young and the old are able to sing to his songs. With this same momentum, he released his first album entitled "Shut up epi tande" in 2012.
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