Aswè A • J-Ron

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Genre: Konpa
Year: 2016
Produced by: Maxiimus
Lyrics by: Ronald "J-Ron" Jean

You tonight
Awww, baby yeah
Lè m panse a ou baby
Lè m panse, lè m panse
Ou mèt kite l ale

[Verse 1]
Baby di m kisa w pral fè home tonight
Si m pase dèyè ouvri pòt la tonight
I just wanna do everything you want tonight
I’m here to stay, aswè a bliye l
Baby gen yon ti chans ou pap rele l tonight
Di l ke ou busy, ke w ap travay tonight
Cause you know I told you, we got one life to live

Cheri limen chandèl yo, m ap vini aswè a
Doudou, feeling m ap vin pran aswè a (avè w)
Lady, pase men sou tèt mwen aswè a
Ou mete m sou sa

[Verse 1]
Cheri di m kisa ou pral ofri m tonight
Sexy, jan m kanpe ou pap ka bese l tonight
Pito w sere m pi fò, se pa premye fwa ou sou li
Di m kijan li bon, ke lòt nèg sa a pa ka fè w soumi
An, girl you want that, you want that
Se yon bon ti fi ou ye, so you’ve earned that D
Baby ou g on rezon
Ou konnen m ap ret la menm si se ti lòv sa a ou ban m


Baby can you let me do everything that he won’t do, baby
And everything that seems wrong, I can make it right for you, my baby

[Keyboard solo]
Kite l jwe
Baby, m ap vini aswè a wi la a
Kite l jwe
Ebyen Montreal kite l jwe
Baby kite pòt dèyè a ouvri pou mwen
Ou fè m dous

[Verse 3]
Chak fwa m pase dèyè li di se mwen ki pi bon
Pou m ka vin tcheke li ka ban m anpil rezon
M ap fè l plezi pandan l ap fè m jwi
Baby you so fine, you got everything I need

I’m so in love babe, you’re so amazing
And everything I do for you, I will never come claim it
You got me crazy, and I know I can do it
But you know that I’m wrong
And we know that I will always feel some type of way

[Keyboard solo]
Maxiimus, ki ki kite l jwe
Si l lou…depoze l
Le peup, se konsa n ap fè l wi la a
Woy…wi pitit

  • Born Ronald Jean on October 19, 1984, J-Ron was surrounded by musical influences. In a very religious family, J-Ron spend a lot of time in church,where he gave his first performance at the age of 7 . After this performance, he knew that music was his passion. 10 years later, after several performances in "talent-shows" in high school, he decided to take his music seriously. He made several small festivals and shows in the clubs of Montreal. He released his first RnB Mixtape entitled "Shhhhtttt... Ecoutes!!!" in early 2012
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