Pwoteje Kèw • J-Beatz

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Oh My God
Year: 2016
Featuring: Gazman
Produced by: J-Beatz
Lyrics by: J-Beatz

You can’t handle the truth
Ou vle verite
Sonje pwoteje kè w
Gazman ou tande

Ou vle verite, hey heyy
Ou su w vle verite
Ou mande m verite hey hey hey
M ap ba ou verite

I know you can’t handle the truth, the reason that I lie to you
I know you can’t handle the truth, rezon ki fè mwen baw manti
Dèfwa ou mande m verite, mwen pa vle di because I love you
Pa gen pwoblèm si w ensiste

Yeah it’s true
Kòman ou vle m konfese se avè de moun mwen ye
Yeah it’s true
Pwoteksyon nan machin nan pou mwen yo ye
Yeah it’s true
Sonvan lè mwen soti ak yon lòt fanm mwen ye
Yeah it’s true
It’s true (4x)

I know you can’t handle the truth, the reason that I lie to you
I know you can’t handle the truth, rezon ki fè mwen baw manti
Mwen pa vle di w pase I love you
But since you wanna know the truth
Gazman di l non

Yeah it’s true
Cheri m pap baw manti gen on lòt fanm kap fè m fou
Yeah it’s true
Pa bay tèt ou pwoblèm sa pat sot nan ou
Yeah it’s true
Yeah it’s true
It’s true (2x)
J Beats lage l

Pwoteje kè ou

Sa je pa wè ou kè pa tounen, poze w
Pwoteje kè w

Si w nan renmen, please pwoteje kèw
Ou ka viv byen, please pwoteje kèw
Telefòn sonnen, please pwoteje kèw
Pa chèche konnen, please pwoteje kèw

Si ou marye, please pwoteje kèw
Pou w ka viv byen, please pwoteje kèw
Text mesaj ap tonbe, please pwoteje kèw
Pa chèche fouye, please pwoteje kèw

Poujan ti kè m piti oh
Pwoteje kè w

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh sa n gen la vin nan bal la na jwenn rès la

  • Jbeatz, Jean Robert, originally from Arcahaie; Jbeatz is a prolific artist, Music Producer, Musician, Recording Engineer. These are some of the myriad of hats Jbeatz has been wearing. In the short span of a decade, Jbeatz has masterminded an astonishing number of mega hits in the Haitian/American Music Industry. Jbeatz created a name for himself by producing and mixing countless albums for a variety of artists, including Alan Cave, Black Dada, Carimi, Casley, Kenny Des, Oswald, Top Alderman, Young Rich, and upcoming artist Jerome Baker. He has also worked on numerous projects with some of the best record labels such as Vagabond Records and Strictly the Best Records. Even more impressive, Jbeatz has earned the reputation as "The King of Remixes" from De Mwen We to Sa Pa Pou Dat.
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