Kita Nago • Carimi

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Genre: Konpa
Year: 2013
Featuring: Izolan

Kikikikita nago
Carimi, Izo
Oh oh
We’re gonna do it now (2x)

Yo di mwen sispann panse – hey hey
Rèv mwen pap janm reyalize tande – oh oh
Menm si Lisifè ta mete on baryè – hey hey
Mwen konnen m ap toujou pèsevere, pèsevere

Ou mèt al Haiti m ap twouve w – oh oh
Ou mèt al Martinique m ap twouve w – oh oh
Nouvelle Caledonie m pral chèche w – oh oh
Men lanmou sa gen on jan li kenbe w li mare w
Li fè w tout sa li vle

[Pre Chorus]
Si w deside w pou w ale – kita
Mwen pral chèche w tout kote – nago
Mwen sèmante tout bon vre – kita
Limen bouji tout kote – nago
Kita – nago (3x)

Baby I’m in love – hey yo oh oh, hey yo oh oh
Kita nago ou oh – hey yo oh oh, hey yo oh oh
Just can’t let go – hey yo oh oh, hey yo oh oh
Kita nago – hey yo oh oh, hey yo oh oh

Mwen fè tout sakrifis k ekziste – hey hey
Kite mele m si m pran baton m pran prizon – oh oh
Mwen pran rezolisyon avè w pou mwen ye – hey hey
Tonnè kraze m sa se misyon m, sa se misyon m

[Pre chorus]

Ou mèt al Haiti m ap twouve w – oh oh
Ou mèt al an Guadeloupe m ap chèche w – oh oh
Ou mèt La Reunion m ap trouve w – oh oh
Men lanmou gen on jan li kenbe m li mare m
Li fè m tout sa li vle

Sa l ye la (4x)

Mwen met manzè nan parking yon lòt neg pase l towing li
Pou jan l te ye nan lavi m li vin ak yon ewoyin
Sa l ye la (4x)
Poko fè kita
Sa l ye la (4x)
Manzè gentan fè nago
Li bliye sou tèt kabann mwen li menm ki te biblo
Di flannè a pa kache w di m kote w ye m ap vin chèche w
Di l pa pè m ap kraze kè l menm lè se kè m map jere

Fanatic Izo, Carimi
Fè m wè menn anlè
Pa kite pye nou atè (2x)

Izo, plata plata bow

Hey yo oh oh, hey yo oh oh
Kita nago ou oh – hey yo oh oh, hey yo oh oh
Just can’t let go

  • Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mikael Guirand who had worked together in some area of music, almost simultaneously made the decision to further their education. Acknowledging that the state of their homeland, Haiti, was troubled and unstable, they each decided to leave and set their sights on the United States. Always driven by their passion for music, this small group reunited in New York to touch upon making their current past-time a potential career.

    They soon found themselves surrounded by sound proof foam mats, extended boom of mics and a mixing board. To their surprise, each had the same desire to pursue their music and created the name for their band by the taking the first two letters of their first names Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mikael Guirand; alas, Carimi was born.
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