CIA • Carimi


Genre: Konpa
Album: Invasion
Year: 2013

Ouh yeah
Medam yo tounen cia
Ladies are taking over

[Verse 1]
Lè mesye yo peche medam yo tounen CIA
Tout bagay son w konplikasyon tonton w sou envestigasyon
Kesyon pral poze – ah wè
Gason pral tonbe - konsa
Ou mèt met figi w byen mare depi w antre nan kay la
Men kesyon yo

Pouki poukisa – telefòn ou toujou fèmen lèw nan kay la
Pouki poukisa – bizniss meeting se toujou a 9h diswa
Pouki poukisa – password facebook la toujou konplike Cherie
Pouki poukisa – depi telefòn ou sonnen tèt ou cho tèt ou cho

You know you know baby
Fanm sa toujou rele m mennaj li ap bal pwoblèm
You know you know baby
Fanm sa toujou rele m anvayi m ak sms

[Keyboard solo]
Tèt mwen cho
Yo genlè bare m
Wouy, passwork la wi
Sa m pral di
Men kesyon yo

Pouki poukisa – depi Alex rele konnen se Alexandra
Pouki poukisa – depi Christian rele konnen se Christina
Pouki poukisa – non medam yo tranfòme an non gason
Pouki poukisa – depi telefòn ou sonnen tèt ou cho, tèt ou cho

You know you know baby
Fanm sa toujou rele m mennaj li ap bal pwoblèm
You know you know baby
Fanm sa toujou rele m anvayi m ak sms

[Keyboard solo]
Sa son w pwoblem

Cherie gon w pwoblèm (2x)
Veye mennaj nan twalèt ak telefòn – Sa se CIA
Mwen di w Fè ankèt fèt ankèt ak zanmi w yo - Sa se CIA
Veye mennaj kap sere bil telefòn – sa se CIA
Tonnè kraze w cherie gon pwoblèm (2x)
Veye mennaj kap mache ak de telefòn – sa se CIA
Mwen di w Fè ankèt, fèt ankèt ak zanmi w yo - Sa se CIA
Veye mesye kap pale ak bon zanmi – sa se CIA

[Keyboard Solo]
Gad on kontwòl

Cherie gon w pwoblèm (2x)
Veye mennaj nan twalèt ak telefòn – Sa se CIA
Mwen di w Fè ankèt fèt ankèt ak zanmi w yo - Sa se CIA
Veye mennaj pale ak de telefòn – sa se CIA

CIA tout kote fòk ou veye tonton

[Guitar solo]

Cherie sispann veye

[Keyboard solo]
Carimi yo di w

Kote ti medam ki konn sa m ap pale
Leve menn anlè si n konnen CIA
Non non sa pa fèt ankò non (2x)
Kote ti mesye ki konn sa m ap pale
Non pa fè anyen men y ap akize nou
Non non sa pap fèt ankò (2x)

CIA tout kote fòk ou veye tonton

Cherie sispann veye

  • Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mikael Guirand who had worked together in some area of music, almost simultaneously made the decision to further their education. Acknowledging that the state of their homeland, Haiti, was troubled and unstable, they each decided to leave and set their sights on the United States. Always driven by their passion for music, this small group reunited in New York to touch upon making their current past-time a potential career.

    They soon found themselves surrounded by sound proof foam mats, extended boom of mics and a mixing board. To their surprise, each had the same desire to pursue their music and created the name for their band by the taking the first two letters of their first names Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mikael Guirand; alas, Carimi was born.
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