Oh My God • J-Beatz

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Genre: Konpa
Year: 2015
Featuring: Wendyyy
Produced by: J-Beatz

Oh my God
JBeatz, it’s another one
Oh my God

Bèl zye bèl bouch souri anj
Li gonw jan l mache fòw gason pou w pa rele – oh my God
Lè l pran lari tout fanm jalou, tout nèg pran tease
Li dekotrole m li fè deng li fèm friz

Oh my God, fanm sa sonw misyon enposib
Oh my God, fanm sa fin fè m tounen on groupi
Oh my God, gad jan bebe sa lage m nan kouri
Oh my God, l arive fè m bliye ekzistans tout fi

Oh my God, lè l ap mache san ekzajere atè a fann an de
Oh my God depi l gade m tout selil nan kòm yo dezaktive
Oh my God lè li pale se pi bèl melodi ke mwen pa janm tande
Oh my God oh oh oh oh Bondye
Oh my God oh oh oh oh Oh my God

Se pa nenpòt ki fanm nigga son’w fanm
Se pa fanm san karaktè nigga sonw fanm fyè
Li bèl li santi bon nigga son w fanm flè
Se Louis Vuiton Prada Michael Kors son w fanm chè
Li fèm vin romantik menm si m son w nèg ki ase radi
Lèl pran lari a li bay blokis pi mal ke on mazerati
Lè m wè l m santi m ta ah m ta ah m ta ah ah m tan hmm pa gen ase hottie
Li fèm vini ? ?
Nou fè lanmou ? ?
Tout sa l fè m valide ke de sex holiday inn
Fanm sa gon w jan l kanpe men ou ta di se Halle Berry
Gonw jan l touche m li fè rele Oh my God
Gon w jan l karese li fèm rele Oh my God
Menm lè l fèk leve li beautiful Oh my God
Son w fanm total fanm lakay lè w wè sa sèlman ou ka di se

Oh my God, lè l ap mache san ekzajere atè a fann an de
Oh my God depi l gade m tout selil nan kòm yo dezaktive
Oh my God lè li pale se pi bèl melodi ke mwen pa janm tande
Oh my God oh oh oh oh oh Bondye
Oh my God oh oh oh oh Oh my God

Oh my God fanm sa gen w souri enposib
Oh my God fanm sila pi dous kon boul suk
Oh my God menm Rihanna pa ka kanpe anfas li
Oh my God li fè mwen krazy tèlman l romantik

Bèl kò bèl de mach bèl jès
Bèl kwis bèl hmm bès fès
Bèl bout anba bèl tanbou bèl kès
Bèl souri bèl fanm bèl yes
Son w fanm ki rele fanm, li ravisante menm lè l fache
E lè l parèt fò w pa ta rele fanm pou w pa flache
Li kòmanse fè m fou si m pa stop map egare pita
Men l ap vini JBeatz prepare gita a

  • Jbeatz, Jean Robert, originally from Arcahaie; Jbeatz is a prolific artist, Music Producer, Musician, Recording Engineer. These are some of the myriad of hats Jbeatz has been wearing. In the short span of a decade, Jbeatz has masterminded an astonishing number of mega hits in the Haitian/American Music Industry. Jbeatz created a name for himself by producing and mixing countless albums for a variety of artists, including Alan Cave, Black Dada, Carimi, Casley, Kenny Des, Oswald, Top Alderman, Young Rich, and upcoming artist Jerome Baker. He has also worked on numerous projects with some of the best record labels such as Vagabond Records and Strictly the Best Records. Even more impressive, Jbeatz has earned the reputation as "The King of Remixes" from De Mwen We to Sa Pa Pou Dat.
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