I Thank You • Jude Chery

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Genre: Gospel
Year: 2015
Produced by: Jude Chery
Lyrics by: Jude Chery

[Verse 1]
There were times when I felt like giving up on life
Cause the strife and the pain
Would overwhelmingly get the best of me
But time the time came, you rescued me
Stripped me free from all my depression
Replaced them all with your blessings
And now…

But now I wanna thank you Lord for all that you do
For being faithful and always true
All my strength, my help it all comes from you
I pulled through because of you
So Lord I thank you

[Verse 2]
But now I won’t say that problems don’t still come my way
Cause they do, oh yes they do
But I know that my savior is a prayer away
So I don’t stress,
‘Cause I know my faith is being put to the test
I know my God is able to get rid of all the mess
‘Cause he’s done it before. I know he’ll do it again

I thank you Lord for all that you do
For being faithful and always true
All my strength, my help it all comes from you
I pulled through because of you
So Lord I thank you

Hey yo, I’m actually real happy right now man

Days go by and I be wondering how we gonna eat
Maybe it’s payback for spending money so lavishly
Getting calls on the regular like Jude, let’s do this music
And I’m like sorry, if it ain’t for Jesus, I can’t do it
And I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t even understand
I thought my gift was to make room for me and all my fam
But see I trust in God, so everything will be okay
Won’t compromise ‘cause on the real he always makes a way
How many people went to sleep and didn’t see the day
Went to sleep in their best but ended up in the grave
And I ain’t better than anybody, I’ll probably say
The only reason I’m still here, mercy and grace

Thank you Lord for all that you do
For being faithful and always true

[Keyboard solo]
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Bring it back
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Oh yeah yeah

Hey I want you to know – You’ll be okay
You’ll be okay (2x)
I want you to know – You’ll be okay
You’ll be okay (2x)
No matter what you’re going through – You’ll be okay
Know you’ll be okay – You’ll be okay
Just know God is here with you – You’ll be okay
You’ll be okay (2x)
Oh you’ll be okay – You’ll be okay
Trust you’ll be alright – You’ll be okay


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