Ayiti Se • MikaBen

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Ayiti Se
Year: 2012
Produced by: Gouin Films & Consulting
Lyrics by: Michael Benjamin

[Verse 1]
Ayiti se bèl lanmè, se bèl montay ak bèl rivyè
Se bèl plaj ak pye kokoye
Bèl peyisaj ak bèl koulè
Ayiti se sant kafe k'ap monte nan nen m le maten
Se sant lawouze k fèk poze
Pou flè dizè ka boujonnen

Ayti se Basen ble, Kaskad Pichon avèk Sodo
Se Akaden, La Sitadèl, se Labadi ak Marigo
Ayiti se Lavale, se Pòsali ak Zabriko
Se mòn Lasèl, Pik Makaya
Se Mamlad ak mòn Pil Bowo

Ayiti s'on dous makòs, se yon ponyen pistach griye
S'on ji kole ki pou banm fòs
S'on boutèy kola byen glase
Ayiti s'on bon griyo, s'on bon fritay, on bon taso
S'on bon legim avèk sirik, s'on bon diri avèk lalo

Ayiti s'on bon bouyon, s'on soup joumou ak tout piman
S'on bon kasav avèk manba
Ou ka tranpe nan akasan
Ayiti s'on bon donmbwèy k'ap marinen n'on bon sòs pwa
S'on bwa kockon, on bon kleren
Ayiti s'on bon Kafe diswa

[Chorus 2x]
Ayiti cheri pou jan mwen renmen w
Mwen vin depose ti kè mwen nan men w
Ayiti cheri pou jan m'adore w
Pa gen anyen k'ap jan m fè mwen kite w

[Verse 2]
Ayiti s'on bèl mizik, s'on bann a pye, s'on twoubadou
S'on son kata seremoni, yon son kwachi, yon son tanbou
Ayiti se tè ogou, se tè zansèt kite pou nou
Se la lesklavaj t'aboli
S'on tè libète ak vodou

Ayiti se festival, se ti sourit, se fèt chanpèt
S'animasyon nan Kanaval
Se yon ti zil k pa janm frèt
Ayiti se yon bezig, s'on domino, s'on bon twasèt
S'on reveyon kote ki gen bouyon
Se la k gen kenbe tèt

Ayiti se yon konbit peyizan kap sèkle latè
Se ti machann yo kap desann
Pou y'al goumen ak lavi chè
Ayiti se timoun yo k'ap reve de yon bèl avni
Se dlo rigòl la k'ap desann
Pa konn kote l pral ateri

Ayiti se anba tant lan depi apre 12 janvye
Se labou k lev'on move sant chak lè on ti lapli fin tonbe
Ayiti se sou beton'an pou konn "La vrai Réalité"
Se youn ki tris mwen gras a Dye
Se pa li sel man n'ka chante

[Chorus 2x]
Ayiti cheri pou jan mwen renmen w
Mwen vin depose ti kè mwen nan men w
Ayiti cheri pou jan m'adore w
Pa gen anyen k'ap jan m fè mwen kite w

[Verse 3]
Ayiti se yon manman ki konn sa yo rele doulè
On fanm ki djanm, on fanm vanyan
Menm si l konnen li pa parfè
Ayiti se yon bèl fanm ki menm si l pase anpli mizè
Li toujou f'on jan l renje kò l
Pou tout piti li toujou fyè

Ayiti se tout bagay sa yo ki fè ke nou renmen w
E menm si wout la long konnen n'ap toujou la pou n kenbe men w
Ayiti cheri w mèt kwè m
Pa gen anyen k'ap fè m kite w
M’ap toujou la pou ou cheri

Kite mizik sa dòlote w
Pap janm Kite w

  • Mikaben (Michael Benjamin) was born in 1981 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Son of the well-known singer Lionel Benjamin, Mikaben is brought up in a musical environment, and is at a very early age, introduced to the piano, guitar, bass, and later, the drums. At age 15, Mikaben writes his first song, and passionate about music, continues to write music while in college in Canada in 1999. From Montreal, Mikaben enters an annual Christmas song contest organized by "TELEMAX", a Haitian television station, and his song "Nwèl Tristès" (Sad Christmas), in fourth position, wins him the hearts of the Haitian public. in December 2000 Mikaben released the album "Vwayaj" and his song "Ou Pati", doesn't go unnoticed by producer Fabrice Rouzier who includes it in the Haiti Troubatour. The album propelled Mikaben's carreer beyond Haiti and introduces him in the Antilles, Europe and Africa. Mikaben also works as a producer with several artists and bands such as Carimi for who he produces the hit "Fanm sa move", T-Vice with "Fe m vole" and Kreyol La "Y'ap fe foli" amongst others.
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