Konplis • Steves J. Bryan


Genre: Ragga/Rap/Hip-Hop
Year: 2020

Konplis• (lyric)

And this is Steves J. Bryan

Nan li m’jwenn jistis mwen
Number 1 sou lis mwen
Li ka manman pitit mwen
Ou paka di li san mwen
Se li ki konplis mwen
Se li ki konplis mwen (x2)

M’pa renmen’w paske’w bèl
Cherie ou bèl paske’m renmen’w
Lanmou’n telepatik m’pap menm pale
Ou gentan sou men’w
Ou tankon bout mi
Se sèl ou menm mwen ka bay do
Lè map veye anba m’konte sou ou veye anwo
Mpap pè baw abèy
Bouch ou gen bon gou siwo myèl
G’on jan’w depoze dash la sou mwen
Wi sèl ou’k k fèl
Lè’n ansanm m’pa we le monde lan
C nan ou m’jwenn mon monde lan
Avèw mpase tout tanm
Se ou’k nan bram
Ou tankou mont lan

Nan li m’jwenn jistis mwen
Number 1 sou lis mwen
Li’k pou manman pitit mwen
Ou paka di li san mwen
Se li ki konplis mwen
Se li ki konplis mwen (x2)

Cherie li pa fasil poum damou
Gade mg’on vye tanperaman
Si’w wè map diw je t’aime
Tonneboulem gade sa gran
An mem tan si wap fè frekan
Mwen map kanpe dan
Ah cherie saw gen la
Pwoche m’fè kè’w kontan
Yo di’m bijou se pi bon zanmi fi
Vin met sa nan kou’w
Nan kwizin lanmou gade map kwit tout sak nan gouw
Mrenmen sak sou ou
Men gen de lè manvi chirel
Mpran sant on bagay ki mouye manvi manjel
Pase sou kote
Map fout ou tap avanm tachel
Glise desann sou li
Menm anba kou’w e map pezel
Makonnen pou’n ka f’on sèl
Destinasyon 7e syèl
Non mpa rele Makorel men se lakay mwen ou tande rèl
Nou Gentan sot nan cuisine nan
Woule atè nou kraze matla
Vibration faya
Yo ti moman nou propaje sa
Lanmoum marew san menot
Nou fet youn pou lot
Mse dife ou se van
Se lè’n vle nou fè gagòt

Nan li m’jwenn jistis mwen
Number 1 sou lis mwen
Li’k pou manman pitit mwen
Ou paka di li san mwen
Se li ki konplis mwen
Se li ki konplis mwen (x2)

Love love love love la woooooo (2x)

  • Steves Bryan Joseph also known as Steves J. Bryan started rapping since he was kid, later on became a journalist at the age of 18 and hosted a TV show in Haiti called kom si wow in which he received many international artist and the former president of Haiti. In December 2012 he released a popular mixtape in Haiti called on blast. Steves is quadrilingual. And is now working on new mixtapes and album for fans. Very versatile his genres are Rap/HipHop but he mixed it with some soft rock techno neo-psychedelia and more. Interesting dude with a fun spirit, his music are very uplifting and makes you wanna jump all day. Steves J. Bryan is used to stage performance and delivers nothing but amazingness for you to remember. He performed in front of 10k at the Haitian Compas Festival also at Barry Universities fashion show and many more. Asides from having his own tv show he also studies leadership and marketing and is a great motivational speaker.
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