Ret Nan Liy Ou • Klass

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Genre: Konpa
Album: Ret Nan Liy Ou
Year: 2019
Featuring: Master Brain

Se nou papa
Konpa dirèkteman
Kenbe liy ou

Sonnen tanbou woule tanbou
Bonè fèt pou mwen tou
Aswè a m pral selebre
Mwen toujou bay priyorite zanmi kou etranje
Pandan ke mwen menm ak fanmi m yo neglije
M konn remèsi chyen se kout baton li ye
M pa di moun pat fè byen mwen just swete n sonje
Sak konn avi wè w la pou n kòmanse

Gode emaye se pa mwen k degrade w, se tonbe w tonbe

Rete nan liy ou zanmi ou va rive
Konsèy de Klass

Kwit sa w ka manje
Zanmi fò w tande woy woy
Rete nan liy ou pa deraye
Kou sa bon yo vle w
Kou sa pa bon yo jete w woy woy
Yo tout pral dezète w

F on ti pwoche pi pre tande m

Piga w pèdi tan w rayi sa k douvan w
Yo te nan li y nan avan w
Travay pou w chanje plas
Men pa janm sote klas – tande pawòl sa
Lèzòm yo enjis pi mete m nan lis mwen pap preche w egoyis
Si w pa renmen tèt ou pa gen pèsòn sou latè k pral fè l pou ou


Piga w pèdi tan w rayi sa k douvan w
Yo te nan li y nan avan w
M di travay pou w chanje plas
Men pa janm sote klas – tade pawòl sa
Zanmi fò w veye moun wap frekante
Ou g on liy pou w respekte
Gode emaye se pa mwen k fout degrade w, se tonbe ou tonbe

Francois Papa kenbe liy ou tande
Masterbrain, ou jwenn address la ?

Danje a goch, danje a dwat epi dèyè w chaje jalou
Ret nan liy ou
Pou w rive renmen tout moun
Dabò fò w damou tèt ou si non pa vin pale m de lanmou
Danje anwo, danje anba, epi malè pandye sou ou m di w
Ret nan li ou

Konpa konpa konpa
Loulou klass
Ateri rapidite

Ay ay, Ritchie nou nan liy nou tande
Sa Nixon genyen

Se Klass li ye
Tonton pa kriye
Se Klass li ye - nan klass tout pawòl pale leson tonbe
Tonton pa kriye - se pa san rezon se nou yo adopte la
Se Klass li ye
Tonton pa kriye
Se Klass li ye - enèji nou degaje lè n ap frape
Tonton pa kriye - djaz la fè dife leve moun transande
Se Klass li ye
Tonton pa kriye

Hahaha hahaha
Konpa dirèteman

Se Klass li ye - nan Klass tout pawòl pale leson tonbe wi
Tonton pa kriye - se pa san rezon se nou yo adopte
Se Klass li ye
Tonton pa kriye – lè liy nan long se sou moun dèyè w la w pran kouraj tande ti my friend

Kastel, Ti Yves Leroi kontan

  • Founded on April 18th, 2012, KLASS is a new school of Haitian konpa where everyone is welcome to enroll and attend. Since its inception, clean competition, determination, and respect have been the core elements to maintaining a report card of success.

    When you ask the female fans "Where they are heading?" they reply that they are going to "KLASS". Ask the male fans, "How they function?" and they answer that they do everything with "KLASS". Finally, you ask the promoters, "What they think?" and they reply that "an event without this band will have no 'KLASS!'
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