• Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1997, Yani Martelly first captured the public's eye when he was only 4 years old. At the age of 12, Yani composed a Christmas song with his family entitled Nwèl Tris Nwèl Bèl. He later filmed and produced the video. All funds collected from this project went towards buying Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids in Haiti.

    He later established a solo career with his first song Premye Fwa in 2015. This song grew popular among the youth, making Yani the sweetheart of his generation. He contributed to the success of great hits, including award winning album #ATACHE from Haitian band T-Micky. In 2015, Yani released his first carnival song Chilling, followed by Fè Yo Wè w in 2016, and Pou Timoun Yo in 2017.

    Yani produces a variety of genres including konpa, reggaeton, house music, dance hall and more. His latest production Fanm Sa Dekontrole m, was a collaboration with his two brothers, Olivier (Big O) Martelly and Dro. In July 2017, he officially became a member of Atache Music Group (AMG). Yani wants to connect people through his music. His goal is to bring new sounds to the Haitian music industry, and to be the one to change the Haitian sound.