Jwet Mab (Marble Game) (Engl... • Beethova Obas

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Jwet Mab (Marble Game) (English Version) • Beethova Obas

Genre: Other
Album: Planet La
Year: 1999
Featuring: Mario Canonge, Jacques Bolognesi, Jean-Mark Albicy
Produced by: CH. Obas Production
Lyrics by: Jean Winer PASCAL; Music: Beethova Obas

  • When he first appeared on the Haitian musical scene at the beginning of the nineties, Beethova Obas was immediately considered as one of the most talented and inspired singer-songwriters of his generation. With his painful lyrics and sensuous melodies, Beethova Obas has forged an incisive blues which appeals to audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Beethova Obas was born in 1964, under the dictatorial regime of François Duvalier. The youngest of five children, he was the son the painter Charles Obas. Beethova recorded the song "Nwel Anmè" in place of Manno Charlemagne. It was a huge hit. The following year, he was elected Best Young Singer by the jury of the Découverte RFI contest. After 1994 Beethova returned home with an album ready for release and the same year brought out "Si", his second album but his first CD. From there a truly international career began.