X-tassy is young band based in Miami, Fl set out to accomplish higher objectives in the music world. Today, X-Tassy is on its way to becoming a cornerstone in the new generation of Compas. X-Tassy began in Haiti, when a young Claude Michel "TKlod" Porsenna (Maestro) and Sebastien "Babas" Durand (lead singer) met at a tennis club where they both trained. The group was called "X-Tassy" as a legal drug you can't get enough of. In an industry filled with uncertainty, one thing is sure, all the members of X-Tassy live for The drug that they can't get enough of "Music".

Èske (2014)

1 Minute (2014)

Di M Kibò W Vle L (2014)

Let's Get Down (2016)

M'Anvi Bliye W (2014)

Never Worry (2014)

Scandal (2014)

Si M Pat Genyen W (2014)

Wanna (2016)