With six studio albums and 9 live albums Nu Look has brought what the old folks call "Kompa Direk" (Live Kompa) to our new generation. For Nu Look it's more than the sound that makes them the ultimate "it" band in this kompa world. They are in this category because of their reputation of having the most touching love songs and are also known for please the crowd at their events whether it's with slow, mid, or fast tempo music. During the 13 years of their existence with the leadership of Arly Lariviere as their Maestro Nu look has officially enlisted themselves in the hearts of all kompa lovers, with mega love hits such as "Loving You", "Why Do You Say You Love Me", and "Notre Histore".

Fè Chèlbè – Nu-Look

À Coeur Ouvert – Nu-Look

A Qui La Faute – Nu-Look

C'est Compliqué – Nu-Look

Cauchemar – Nu-Look

Coeur Blesse – Nu-Look

Coeur Blesse – Nu-Look

Confessions – Nu-Look

Cookie – Nu-Look

Daddy's Girl – Nu-Look

Destination Finale – Nu-Look

I'm Not Ready – Nu-Look

Illusion – Nu-Look

Is It Real – Nu-Look

Konfye Ak Mefyans – Nu-Look

Loving You – Nu-Look

Motivation – Nu-Look

Mwen Wè Kou A – Nu-Look

Nos Indifférences – Nu-Look

Notre Histoire – Nu-Look

Pa Anmède M – Nu-Look

Pa Chèche Konnen – Nu-Look

Pa Swete Malè Yon Lòt – Nu-Look

Poukisa – Nu-Look

Rien Que Toi – Nu-Look

Souvenir – Nu-Look

The Switch – Nu-Look

Ton Opinion... Mon Choix – Nu-Look

Until When – Nu-Look

What About Tomorrow – Nu-Look

Why Do You Say You Love Me – Nu-Look

Why Now – Nu-Look