Born Ronald Jean on October 19, 1984, J-Ron was surrounded by musical influences. In a very religious family, J-Ron spend a lot of time in church,where he gave his first performance at the age of 7 . After this performance, he knew that music was his passion. 10 years later, after several performances in "talent-shows" in high school, he decided to take his music seriously. He made several small festivals and shows in the clubs of Montreal. He released his first RnB Mixtape entitled "Shhhhtttt... Ecoutes!!!" in early 2012

All I Want Is You (2012)

Aswè A (2016)

Debòde (2018)

Fè'l La (2016)

Infidèle (2013)

Make It Work (2016)

Ou Diferan (2016)

Pa Bezwen Pale (2014)

Pa Tann (Goodlife Refix) (2013)

Sex You Up (2013)

Soldat (2016)

Stranger (2016)

Strip (2013)

Toupie (2012)

Trophy (2016)