Jbeatz, Jean Robert, originally from Arcahaie; Jbeatz is a prolific artist, Music Producer, Musician, Recording Engineer. These are some of the myriad of hats Jbeatz has been wearing. In the short span of a decade, Jbeatz has masterminded an astonishing number of mega hits in the Haitian/American Music Industry. Jbeatz created a name for himself by producing and mixing countless albums for a variety of artists, including Alan Cave, Black Dada, Carimi, Casley, Kenny Des, Oswald, Top Alderman, Young Rich, and upcoming artist Jerome Baker. He has also worked on numerous projects with some of the best record labels such as Vagabond Records and Strictly the Best Records. Even more impressive, Jbeatz has earned the reputation as "The King of Remixes" from De Mwen We to Sa Pa Pou Dat.

Avè'w M'poze – J-Beatz

Baby Come Back – J-Beatz

Because I Miss You – J-Beatz

Cherry On Top – J-Beatz

Di M Yon Mo – J-Beatz

I'm Doing Fine – J-Beatz

It's Getting Late – J-Beatz

Lanmou Mechan – J-Beatz

Let's Get Married – J-Beatz

M Konnen M'antò – J-Beatz

Men Nwèl La – J-Beatz

Mpa Mande Mal Pou Ou – J-Beatz

Mwen Regrèt – J-Beatz

My Superstar – J-Beatz

My Superstar – J-Beatz

Oh My God – J-Beatz

One More Day – J-Beatz

Ou Met Kondane'm – J-Beatz

Our Own World – J-Beatz

Pwoteje Kèw – J-Beatz

Renmen M Renmen W – J-Beatz

Tou Pare – J-Beatz

Yon Jounen – J-Beatz

You're Beautiful – J-Beatz

You're Beautiful – J-Beatz