Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mikael Guirand who had worked together in some area of music, almost simultaneously made the decision to further their education. Acknowledging that the state of their homeland, Haiti, was troubled and unstable, they each decided to leave and set their sights on the United States. Always driven by their passion for music, this small group reunited in New York to touch upon making their current past-time a potential career.

They soon found themselves surrounded by sound proof foam mats, extended boom of mics and a mixing board. To their surprise, each had the same desire to pursue their music and created the name for their band by the taking the first two letters of their first names Carlo Vieux, Richard Cave and Mikael Guirand; alas, Carimi was born.

Apiye (2003)

Are You Ready (2011)

Ayiti Bang (2001)

Ayiti Bang Bang (2001)

Bò Kote'w (2003)

Baby I Missed You (2013)

Ban'm Pèmisyon (2006)

Buzz (2009)

CIA (2013)

Carry Me (2009)

Chòv (2003)

Chagrin Criminel (2001)

Chikiboom (2013)

Confession (2009)

Couvre Feu (2006)

Dife [kanaval 2015] (2015)

En Si Peu De Temps (2006)

Fè M Kado W (2009)

Fanm Sa Move (2009)

I Want To Be (2001)

I'm A Freak (2013)

Ill Nana (2013)

In Love (2003)

Kat Idantite M (2013)

Ki Jan Ké Fè (2016)

Kidnapping (2003)

Kita Nago (2013)

Long Distance (2003)

Long Distance (2007)

Mean Bizniss (2013)

Mouche Tonton Nwèl (1997)

Mwen Dezole (2009)

Mwen Pare (2009)

Mwen Sou (2003)

Mwen Sou Pou Ou (2001)

My First Time (2006)

Nasty Biznis (2003)

Officiel (2009)

Pa Pale (2001)

Pitit Sa (2003)

Player (2001)

Por Favor (2003)

Pouvwa (2006)

Pran Poz Ou (2010)

Sak Fèt Nan Carimi (2006)

Se La'm Pralé (2006)

Tcha Tcha (2003)

Toro [Kanaval 2016] (2016)

Touman (2009)

Toumante (2001)

U My #1 (2006)

We The Best (2013)