Kompasoul Impresses On 'No Rules'


No Rules is the debut album of Kompasoul, a new band from Montreal, Canada. The 13 tracks flow seamlessly and leave you dancing throughout the duration of the project.

What's most impressive about Kompasoul is their versatility. While the band is able to churn out hard-hitting club bangers promoters will love (Pè severans, Pirana, Manje Pou 2), they also craft mellow konpa love and zouk hits DJs will spin. And the transition between the two sounds is effortless.

Even the interludes are masterfully done and strategically placed. Fo M' Ale helps bridge the gap between Zonbi Lanmou and Tu L'aimes Encore. The two tracks detail heartbreak, but in vastly different ways. The musical tones are different, yet that interlude somehow works perfectly for both. On My Mind Too is a proper follow-up to You Still On Mind. The delightful range of Justine Saint Vil's voice coupled with the saxophone silhouette calms your spirit before fizzling out into the energetic Manje Pou 2. More chilled out hits such as Zonbi Lanmou, Restes Là, and title track, No Rules, are perfect for those nights in with bae.

Kompasoul is giving voice to a pioneering new generation of konpa artists. We're anxious to see how this band continues to grow and develop as the years go by. We'll have No Rules in heavy rotation for a long while and you should too.

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