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Genre: Konpa
Album: My Time
Year: 2016
Produced by: Arly Larivière
Lyrics by: Arly Larivière

[Verse 1]
Donné, oui je t’ai donné mon coeur dès le premier jour
Caprices ak susceptibilités fè w toujou ap kesyone m
Jusqu’à date pa genyen pou m repwoche m,
Menm an panse m pa peche
N’empêche que ou pran le malin plaisir pou w ap minimize m
M aksepte, m aksepte ase
M andire, mwen andire twòp

[Verse 2]
Gen moun ki konprann la solitude se lè w pa gen pèsonn avè w
Poutan ou ka byen akonpanye, intérieurement, ou seul
Mwen koube, m aksepte tout bagay Nan lespwa ke yon jou,
Ou ta wè kijan mwen mizerab
Ou ta trete m yon lòt jan
M aksepte, m aksepte ase
M andire, mwen andire twòp


You were my mentor, my inspiration
And my motivation
I made you better, you made me better
We were unbeatable
I gave you my heart, I gave you my love
Gave you the best of me
But no matter how much I keep on giving
It is never enough

[Verse 3]
Lè mwen ouvè kè mwen ba ou,
Menm si ou wè m pa pale pa ke m pa gen aspirasyon
M ap detwi à l’intérieure lè m wè tan ap pase
Epi pa genyen anyen ki janm amelyore


[Verse 4]
Si jis kounya mwen atriste
Se paske mwen te kwè nan asirans ou te banmwen
Fèmen zye m, kite w mennen m nan direksyon ou te vle
Jodi a si w wè m ap pale, c’est que m vide

O o o, o o o

Men ni papa, w a degaje w

Je n’en peux plus
M pa kapab ankò
No puedo mas
I can’t anymore

W a degaje w

O se pa paske ou wè m renmen w
Pou w ap trete mwen konsa toulejou
Ou imilye m, ou meprize m
Kote w jwenn kouraj pou trete m konsa?

If you don’t love me anymore, why don’t you say it loud and clear?
What are you keeping me here for?
Baby just let me go

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